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Lisa Wilkinson throws Channel Ten under bus after Brittany Higgins interview and rape allegations

Lisa Wilkinson has pointed the finger at her colleagues at Ten after Bruce Lehrmann took defamation action against her – claiming it was their job to check Brittany Higgins’ rape allegations before her award-winning interview aired.

Ms Wilkinson and Channel Ten are being sued by Mr Lehrmann over a TV interview on The Project in February 2021 when Ms Higgins first alleged she had been raped by a ‘male colleague’ in Canberra’s Parliament House in March 2019.

Mr. Lehrmann is also suing News Life Media – an umbrella company of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation that runs news.com.au – over reporting by journalist Samantha Maiden that raised the same allegations made by Ms Higgins.

The former political associate has always maintained his innocence and strenuously denies having had any sexual contact with Ms Higgins.

According to his claim filed in Federal Court last month, Mr. Lehrmann says he was defamed because Ms. Wilkinson and Ms. Maiden were “recklessly indifferent to the truth or untruths.”

He claims that the journalists continued with the interview and the online article on the belief that the rape allegations against him were true. He was not named in either story, but says he has been identified as the alleged rapist by friends and former colleagues.

Lisa Wilkinson (pictured) says her colleagues fact-checked Brittany Higgins’ rape allegations before her award-winning interview aired

Ms. Wilkinson’s defense was filed in Federal Court on Wednesday by her attorney Sue Chrysanthou SC and says she will rely on a truth defense.

That means her legal team has to prove it’s more likely than not that Mr. Lehrmann raped Ms. Higgins.

Ms Higgins has indicated her willingness to testify at the trial, if it goes ahead.

Ms Wilkinson’s defense will argue that it was her colleagues’ job to fact check the allegations before publication. At no time does the court file state that she made her own checks, beyond observing the consistency of Ms. Higgins’ allegations and her responses.

In the legal document, Ms Wilkinson named more than eight of her Channel Ten colleagues as the individuals she believed verified the validity of Ms Higgins’ allegations.

These included Craig Campbell, executive producer of the project, co-executive producer Chris Bendall, senior producer Angus Llewellyn, senior news and current affairs manager Peter Meakin, and Laura Binnie – the program’s head of feature length films.

Ms. Wilkinson says that, to her knowledge, the experienced team of news and current affairs professionals had come to a consensus that Ms. Higgins was a credible witness.

In addition, Ms Wilkinson pointed out that Samantha Maiden’s news.com.au story was published 12 hours before her TV interview aired on February 15, 2021.

Brittany Higgins (pictured outside the ACT Supreme Court in October) claimed she was raped by Bruce Lehrmann.  He denies the allegations

Brittany Higgins (pictured outside the ACT Supreme Court in October) claimed she was raped by Bruce Lehrmann. He denies the allegations

She therefore believed that Mrs. Maiden and News Corp had conducted their own fact-checking and legalization prior to publishing the online article, and knew no complaints about the online article by the time The Project interview aired.

The TV presenter also says she “closely observed” Ms Higgins’ behavior every time she saw her and “carefully reviewed the tapes of the pre-air interview”, and generally believed the allegations.

Other sections of the file outline Ms. Wilkinson’s extensive journalism career, from 1978 when she started as an editorial assistant at Dolly magazine to 2017 when she became host of The Project.

It says she has interviewed and reported on more than ten prime ministers and world leaders on disaster areas, along with her honors and awards – including the Logie 2022 she won for her interview with Ms Higgins.

Despite her long career in journalism, the document notes that Ms. Wilkinson is “unfamiliar with the specifics of defamation law.”

A spokesperson for the network told Daily Mail Australia that Ms Wilkinson ‘is still a Channel 10 employee’.

Last month Ms Wilkinson hired her own legal team rather than using the lawyers made available to her by Channel Ten – meaning she would be personally liable for any damages awarded in the event she loses the case.

Her defense argues that the charges of recklessness against her are “baseless, unjustified, unsupported by any fact and must be withdrawn.”

The TV presenter does not dispute that the central defamatory claim of rape was conveyed, but she does not admit that Mr. Lehrmann has been identified.

Mr Lehrmann was not named in the TV interview or in the online article, but he claims his friends, family and former colleagues in the parliament building were able to identify him as the alleged rapist.

The trial of Bruce Lehrmann (pictured) has been derailed by juror misconduct

The trial of Bruce Lehrmann (pictured) has been derailed by juror misconduct

He argues that the coverage invited viewers and readers to ‘speculate’ online and search for comment.

Another part of Mr. Lehrmann’s defamation claim is that Ms. Wilkinson could have tried to use the allegations for her professional and personal gain – which she denies.

Mr Lehrmann was accused of raping Ms Higgins in August 2021 – six months after her allegations were published.

He was then subjected to a month-long rape trial by a jury in the ACT Supreme Court in October last year, but it was cut short due to misconduct by a member of the jury.

Shane Drumgold SC, the Director of Public Prosecutions, subsequently dropped the case entirely due to concerns over Ms Higgins’ mental health.

Ms. Wilkinson then parted ways with The Project and hasn’t appeared on TV since November, but is reportedly still getting a seven-figure salary thanks to her watertight contract.

When she stepped down last year, she said it was because of the “targeted toxicity” of parts of the media.