Lisa Wilkinson criticism is 'sexist', says TV host

TV host Lisa Wilkinson of The Project’s generous salary has helped the media star finance a dream lifestyle of luxury real estate, fancy cars, high-end fashion and world-class trips abroad.

Wilkinson, 62, abruptly resigned from co-hosting Ten’s flagship current affairs show last Sunday, citing “specific toxicity” from sections of the media as the reasoning behind his departure.

The veteran media star reportedly raked in $1.7 million a year during her four-year stint on the show. However, she will remain with Ten on other projects, with years remaining on a multi-year rolling contract that was revealed last year.

Wilkinson signed the ‘lucrative’ deal with the network in 2020, which is reported to run for four years.

It means that the presenter will stay with Ten until new projects come up for her in the foreseeable future.

Paramount’s executive vice president, Beverley McGarvey, confirmed that it will soon be back on our screens.

She said: ‘I know she will be greatly missed by our audience and the entire Project team, and while we are saddened that Lisa is no longer with The Project, we look forward to continuing our strong relationship with Lisa in 2023 and beyond.’

Lisa Wilkinson (pictured) is still living large after her departure from The Project on Sunday night.

Even though his role on The Project is coming to an end, Wilkinson will still be able to live large.

The 62-year-old lives in a multi-million dollar house in Cremorne overlooking Sydney Harbor with her husband, journalist and author Peter FitzSimons, and their three children.

The couple’s previous property, a mansion in nearby Mosman, had five bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Wilkinson also owns a 1970s one-bedroom apartment in Cremorne that overlooks Sydney Harbor with views of both the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House.

The property rents for $770 per week. The house belonged to her late mother, Beryl, who reportedly bought it for $388,000 in 1996.

After their mother died in 2018, Wilkinson’s brothers, Kyle and Brett, sold their share of the property to her for $275,000 each.

Along with her portfolio of luxury properties, Wilkinson also drives a $124,000 Audi A7 Sportback and is a brand ambassador.

She has also been photographed driving an Audi A3 convertible, worth approximately $53,000.

Wilkinson Currently Drives An Expensive Audi A7 Sportback, Worth Over $124,000.

Wilkinson currently drives an expensive Audi A7 Sportback, worth over $124,000.

Wilkinson Has Also Been Photographed Driving An Audi A3 Convertible, Worth Approximately $53,000.

Wilkinson has also been photographed driving an Audi A3 convertible, worth approximately $53,000.

Along with her love of luxury sports cars, Wilkinson is frequently photographed abroad and across Australia enjoying luxurious getaways.

In April this year, the 62-year-old media personality shared a series of snaps from her trip to the five-star Eden Health resort on the Gold Coast.

The resort offers seven-night packages for up to $11,375 per person at its frontline Cascade Lodge. At the lower end of the scale, Eden offers seven nights in a deluxe double lodge for $8,000 for two.

The TV star has also been photographed vacationing at the exclusive Newport Beach in Sydney, Greece, Italy and France.

Wilkinson Has Envisioned His Holidays In The Exclusive Newport Beach Of Sydney, Greece, Italy And France.

Wilkinson has envisioned his holidays in the exclusive Newport Beach of Sydney, Greece, Italy and France.

Lisa Wilkinson Enjoyed A Relaxing Holiday At An $11,000 A Week Health Retreat In Queensland Earlier This Year.

Lisa Wilkinson enjoyed a relaxing holiday at an $11,000 a week health retreat in Queensland earlier this year.

Lisa’s love of the good life doesn’t stop there, as the TV star is often seen at the world’s best restaurants.

In May, she wrote about dining at the iconic Ivy restaurant in Los Angeles, where entrees cost $66 each.

The restaurant is frequented by some of the world’s biggest stars, including Nicole Richie, Tara Reid, Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise, and Kim Kardashian.

Back home, he also enjoys fine dining, with Wilkinson seen enjoying a cocktail at Spoonbill Restaurant and Bar in Melbourne in March, sitting alone at a window table.

He also ordered a meal, eating what appeared to be mussels and broccoli for dinner while enjoying his solo outing.

Lisa Spares No Expense When It Comes To Choosing Her Wardrobe, With The Tv Star Pictured In A Boho D'Ascoli Dress That Costs $550

Lisa spares no expense when it comes to choosing her wardrobe, with the TV star pictured in a boho D’Ascoli dress that costs $550

The TV host’s fashion tastes don’t come cheap, and she’s worn dresses from Koh Woman, Karen Millen, and Cazinc The Label, which go for as much as $550.

Wilkinson’s lavish lifestyle has led some to question whether she is in touch with ordinary Australians when she comments on political issues.

“Lisa lives in her mansion in Mosman, can’t relate,” said one Twitter user.

“Lisa Wilkinson is not qualified to give financial advice,” another commented.

A third wrote: ‘Lisa Wilkinson…with harborside mansion…oh my gosh, another one with irrelevance syndrome.’

“Coming from someone in a mansion… no idea,” added another.

The presenter shocked viewers of The Project on Sunday night when she announced that she was stepping down as presenter to re-prioritize her life after a tumultuous six months.

‘The last six months have not been easy. And the relentless, targeted toxicity of some sections of the media has not only affected me, but also the people I love,” she said.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not above criticism. far from there I’m human, and I don’t always get it right. None of us do. But by god I’ve tried. I have given this job. Everything I have. And I hope you at home know it. I hope I have brought you important stories and introduced you to people whose lives and stories would otherwise never have been told.

Wilkinson insisted that the decision to leave the show was hers and hers alone.

Wilkinson Claimed 'Targeted Toxicity' From Sections Of The Media Was Behind His Departure

Wilkinson claimed ‘targeted toxicity’ from sections of the media was behind his departure

Last Year, Oztam Ratings Revealed That Channel 10'S Flagship Current Affairs Show Had Lost Nearly A Third Of Its Audience Since 2011. Pictured (Left To Right): Tommy Little, Peter Helliar, Hamish Macdonald, Carrie Bickmore, Waleed Aly, Lisa Wilkinson, And Gorgi Coghlan

Last year, OzTAM ratings revealed that Channel 10’s flagship current affairs show had lost nearly a third of its audience since 2011. Pictured (left to right): Tommy Little, Peter Helliar, Hamish Macdonald, Carrie Bickmore, Waleed Aly, Lisa Wilkinson, and Gorgi Coghlan

Wilkinson’s departure comes as comedian Peter Helliar and co-host Carrie Bickmore also revealed they were leaving.

Peter Helliar became the latest star to quit as the mass exodus on the Tuesday night show, claiming he needed more time to work at other companies.

Longtime presenter Carrie Bickmore confirmed her departure a month ago. Her last appearance is scheduled for next Wednesday’s program.

The Project has had ratings issues in previous years, with ratings steadily declining.

OzTAM ratings previously revealed that The Project had lost nearly a third of its viewership since 2011.

The struggling show saw its metro ratings plummet to an all-time low of just 367,000 last year.

That’s a 30 percent decline from its five-city audience of 538,000 a decade earlier.

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