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ABC News Breakfast Host Lisa Millar Receives Online Abuse from Twitter Trolls for Her TV Outfit

ABC Host Lisa Millar Bullied Off Twitter as Nauseating Trolls Cross a New Line with Disgusting Personal Insults Over a Year Later

  • Trolls target ABC host Lisa Millar because of outfit
  • Millar retired from Twitter in 2021 after a series of vicious attacks

Vile Twitter trolls have continued to unleash ABC host Lisa Millar despite being bullied off the platform more than a year ago and their most recent attack getting disgustingly personal.

The ABC News Breakfast host deactivated her Twitter account in September 2021, despite being an avid tweeter and having nearly 55,000 followers.

Co-host Michael Rowlands confirmed that Millar pulled the plug on her social media account after receiving “next level” and “really vicious, disturbing personal attacks.”

Despite her leaving the platform over a year ago, the trolls who continued to attack Millar hit a new low on Monday when they attacked the host for the skirt she was wearing.

Most of the insults are too vile to publish as the accounts are called out on Twitter by a number of Australian personalities.

Thank God Lisa Millar go back to “wardrobe” and change that skirt!! You’re on national television,” one wrote.

Vile Twitter trolls have attacked ABC Breakfast News co-host Lisa Millar in a slew of tweets in which she personally insulted her body and outfit she wore on Monday’s program

The ABC presenter (pictured) deactivated her Twitter account in September 2021 after being the target of relentless online bullying

The ABC presenter (pictured) deactivated her Twitter account in September 2021 after being the target of relentless online bullying

“#LisaMillar, good morning, honey, what the hell are you wearing, silly girl,” another wrote.

Another troll, who ironically had #WomensRights in their Twitter bio, commented on Lisa’s thighs and urged the co-host to be taken off the air because of her outfit.

Thank goodness #BreakfastNews is over. Lisa Millar… should not be broadcast across Australia on ABC News,” the person wrote.

“This roaring second-rate hacker has been a co-host long enough; she knows the dress code. Get her off the air and bring on smart next-gen.”

Journalist Leonardo Puglisi shared a collection of the “disgusting” tweets, claiming that this was yet another example of why the news presenter quit Twitter.

Others agreed with Puglisi, with many calling for Twitter users to be thrown off the platform.

‘That’s disgusting. Is it any wonder female journalists don’t do Twitter? That kind of misogynistic hatred is tame compared to some of the comments hurled at them. I hope this person gets reported and kicked off Twitter,” one person wrote.

“Delete your account you misogynist loser,” another person commented.

A third person chimed in, “I’m not a fan of Lisa Millar, but these comments are reprehensible, misogynistic, and downright cowardly. They will also be reported.’

The user shamed Millar despite using the hashtag

The user shamed Millar despite using the hashtag “WomensRights” in their Twitter bio (pictured)

It comes after the ABC deleted the Twitter accounts of several of its flagship TV shows after they were ruthlessly defrauded online by political extremists.

The Twitter accounts for ABC News Breakfast and Insiders were among those slammed this weekend after being relentlessly abused by trolls who accused the hosts of political bias.

The ABC told Daily Mail Australia online trolls were not the decision to close the accounts, but stressed the move was to centralize all updates through the broadcaster’s main ABC News Twitter account.

“We are closing some ABC News program accounts and are consolidating our activity into our main Twitter account, @abcnews, which has by far the most activity, following and audience engagement,” an ABC spokesperson said.

“This is a better use of resources while still serving the public on this platform.”

Daily Mail Australia has reached out to the ABC for comment on the tweets directed at Lisa Millar.