Lionel Messi’s dream job when he was 13 was to be a PE TEACHER, as an old interview goes viral

A coach: All the ones I’ve had, because I’ve learned something from all of them (Gabriel, Morales, Domínguez, Vecchio and Coria).

A physical trainer: Pablo Sánchez.

One player: Two, my brother and my cousin.

One team: Newell’s

A hobby: Listening to music.

A type of music: Quartet and Cumbia.

A TV Show: Firsts

A magazine: Pasión Rojinegra (Newell’s fan magazine)

A book: The Bible.

A movie: Baby’s Day Out.

Other sport: Handball.

A model: Nicole Neumann.

One meal: Chicken and sauce.

A subject: Spanish

A job: physical education teacher

One goal: finish high school.

One objective: Play in the first division.

A joy: When we were champions.

A sadness: The death of my grandmother.

A hope: Play in the first division with Newell’s

A memory: When my grandmother took me to play soccer for the first time.

A dream: Play for Argentina.

A story to tell: When we traveled to Peru and became champions.

Humility: What a human being should never lose.

Argentine youth teams: I would love to play for them.

Expectations for this year: To be champions again.

Family: My father Jorge, my mother Celia and my brothers Rodrigo, Natalia and Marisol.

Friends: I am lucky to have many good friends; If I tried to name them, I would forget someone.

What does Newell’s mean in your life? Everything, absolutely everything.

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