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Lionel Messi reopens row with Eric Abidal while doubting Barcelona’s expectations in the Champions League

“I don’t know what went through his mind to say that”: Lionel Messi reopens his row with Eric Abidal because he admits that Barcelona is not good enough to win the Champions League thanks to “silly mistakes”

  • Lionel Messi has reassured Barcelona fans that he will not leave the club
  • The Argentinian also doubted Eric Abidal’s comments about Valverde’s resignation
  • Messi admitted that he felt ‘attacked’ by his former teammate and responded
  • The skipper of Barcelona also believes that the club is not good enough to conquer Europe

Lionel Messi reviewed his argument with Eric Abidal by admitting that he responded to his former teammate’s criticism of feeling “attacked.”

The spectacular fallout of the pair came after the latter suggested that members of the team were responsible for Ernesto Valverde lost his job last month.

The line led to questions as to whether Messi’s time at the Nou Camp was coming to an end when Manchester City and other clubs were monitoring his situation.

Lionel Messi revisited his row with Eric Abidal about the resignation of Ernesto Valverde last month

Lionel Messi revisited his row with Eric Abidal about Ernesto Valverde’s resignation last month

In an interview with Mundo Deportivo, Messi reassured the spirit of Barca’s supporters by insisting that he did not think of leaving the Nou Camp while questioning Abidal’s first remarks.

“I don’t know what went through his mind to say that,” said Messi. “I responded because I felt attacked. I felt he was attacking the players.

‘Too many things have been said about the dressing room, such as that we control everything, that we choose the players and [what happens to] the coaches; and [it’s said] especially about me: that I have a lot of power and decide things. ”

Messi also believes that he and his teammates are still far from winning another Champions League trophy.

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