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LinkedIn is testing new AI features for marketers and recruiters


LinkedIn has launched a new feature that suggests different instances of an ad based on data from the marketer’s LinkedIn Page and Campaign Manager settings.

The function used Open AI models to generate different suggestions for introductory text to accompany the ad. Marketers can enter their copy in the “introductory text” box of Campaign Manager and turn on the “Generate copy suggestions” toggle to receive several options.

The feature is currently being tested and is available to some North American customers, with plans to expand functionality, language support, and availability in other regions in the future.

The professional network platform has introduced AI-assisted InMail messages for recruiters to increase candidate acceptance rates by 40%. The AI-assisted messages will personalize communications by scanning candidate profiles and including job descriptions. This feature is currently available to a limited number of users in the US and Europewith a larger rollout planned for later this month.

LinkedIn is also testing AI assistant for messaging, writing profile bios, and recruiting posts
LinkedIn is also testing an AI assistant available in users’ inboxes. The new feature provides quick answers to questions and participates in DMs via a special icon. The AI-powered assistant can perform spell checks, provide feedback on controversial topics, and examine key features.

The company also recently launched a “conversation starter” feature in March that uses AI to create an introduction to a message. That same month, the company also introduced generative AI tools for writing profile bios and recruiting posts. It should be noted that LinkedIn does not specify whether the text used by individuals on the platform is fully AI generated or not.

Earlier this week, LinkedIn launched an identity verification feature for users in India. LinkedIn users can now verify their government-issued ID with HyperVerge DigiLocker. This feature is available to all users with a valid Aadhaar number and Indian phone number and is free and voluntary. LinkedIn assures users that only basic information is shared and no sensitive data or documents are accessed.


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