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LinkedIn and Reddit remove app code that copies user clipboards

LinkedIn and Reddit will remove code in their apps that copies users’ clipboard information after being disabled by a privacy feature of iOS 14

  • Reddit and LinkedIn change code in their apps that copy users’ clipboards
  • The practices came to light through a privacy feature of iOS 14
  • Reddit says it used information to automatically suggest titles for URLs
  • LinkedIn said it made URLs match the information being typed

Reddit and LinkedIn are changing the code in their apps that automatically copy clipboard information stored on people’s phones after Apple’s iOS update sheds light on the practice.

Reddit, the most recent high-profile app to tackle the practice, said it used information to suggest a post title based on the content of a URL.

The app was unveiled by a beta version of Apple’s iOS 14 that notifies users when their clipboards are being copied and asking for permission.

Reddit’s app reportedly caused beta users to receive notifications after every keystroke.

Reddit said it doesn’t save or send clipboard contents.

“We tracked this down to a code path in the message composer that checks for URLs in the pasteboard and then suggests a message title based on the text content of the URL,” a Reddit spokesperson told The Verge.

“We don’t keep or ship the contents of the pasteboard. We removed this code and release the fix on July 14. ‘

Along with Reddit, LinkedIn was also found to copy the contents of the clipboard of iOS users.

According to Erran Berger, Vice President of Engineering and Consumer Products at LinkedIn, conducted the professional network service “Equality Checks” to see if a link matched what a user was typing.

It did not address the purpose of that position.

Reddit is now one of the apps included by iOS 14 privacy feature for copying information to users' clipboards (stock)

Reddit is now one of the apps included by iOS 14 privacy feature for copying information to users’ clipboards (stock)

‘… We have reduced this to a code path that only performs an equality check between the clipboard content and the currently typed content in a text box. We don’t keep or send the contents of the clipboard, ”Berger wrote in a tweet.

Revelations about Reddit and LinkedIn follow similar instances involving the social media giant TikTok, who found access to clipboard information last week.

The company said it would discontinue that practice and said it was an “anti-spam” measure.