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“Link Text Within Any Webpage with Google Chrome: Quick Fixes”


Have you ever wanted to link to a specific section of a lengthy article, but worried that your audience might not be able to easily locate it? You could take a screenshot, but that doesn’t link back to the original material. Alternatively, you could include a link and screenshot, but that feels clunky. Fortunately, there’s a better way: use Chrome’s “Copy Link to Highlight” extension.

To access this feature, simply right-click on a highlighted section.

This tool is particularly useful for writers and editors who frequently link to source material or related articles. Rather than directing readers to search through an entire article for a specific quote or paragraph, you can now link them directly to the desired section with ease.

For instance, if you wanted to share information on the weight of Dyson’s Bane headphones in a specific article, you can now link directly to that section rather than hoping readers will find it on their own.

This extension is compatible with all browsers, making it a convenient and versatile tool for anyone looking to streamline their links.

Take advantage of this feature to make linking smooth and efficient. To enable it, simply access the “Copy Link to Highlight” option on your Chrome browser.

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