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Lime adds the Jump e-bikes that Uber didn’t delete to his app

Lime adds Jump e-bikes to its app for the first time since the company acquired the former Uber division in May, the company says The edge. The Jump e-bikes will be available exclusively in the Lime app, while the company resolves any software kinks, and Jump e-bikes will continue to appear in the Uber app as well.

Uber handed the money-losing Jump and Bike and Scooter sharing service to Lime in May as part of a $ 170 million investment, which included Google’s parent company, Alphabet. But Uber soon caused a stir, as weeks later, the company began scrapping tens of thousands of bright red e-bikes in the United States because it apparently couldn’t find a way to donate them. An Uber spokesperson told it The edge when “maintenance, liability, safety issues and a lack of consumer-grade charging equipment” were concerns, and “the best approach was to recycle them responsibly.”

Jump e-bikes appear in red in the Lime app.
Image: Lime

Lime, for his part, said at the time that it had acquired tens of thousands of newer Jump e-bikes, spare parts and tools as part of the deal. The company eventually bought thousands of the remaining e-bikes around the world from Uber to save them.

The COVID-19 pandemic is devastating to micromobility companies such as Lime and Rival Bird, which was unfortunate as many people avoided public transport in an attempt to keep their distance from one another. While this has caused tremendous growth in both bicycle and e-bike sales, car ownership is also increasing.

That said, Lime has pushed the Jump e-bikes into new markets. The company says they launched in London, Paris, Denver, Seattle, and Washington, DC, with Rochester, MN scheduled to get them later this week. The Jump e-bikes appear in red in the Lime app on the map next to the scooters.