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Lies of P will be at Summer Game Fest 2023


Lies of P is one of the promising new RPGs, and it looks like we’re going to get more reviews and new announcements this coming June.

Lies of P has been confirmed to be at the Summer Game Fest 2023 event on June 8, and while we don’t know any details about the content we’ll see, it seems that Neowiz Studio is ready to reveal the title’s final release date.

Game director Choi Ji-won, in a previous interview, talked about the number of hours expected to finish the game and noted that the main story will take approximately 30 hours to reach its end, though players who interact with side content and meticulously explore the virtual world will get up to Up to 60 hours of play.

The director explained that players who prefer a shorter experience that suits their play style will find what they need in the title, as the events of each stage extend to about 10 hours and each level has unique features, designs and elements.

Lies of P is an action RPG game inspired by the story of Pinocchio with the style and style of playing “Souls”, and the studio indicated that the game is supposed to be launched on the market in August 2023 via PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC along with XCloud, and will be available for the Xbox Game Service Pass on launch day.

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