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Liberia officially closes the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) survivors


Group image of MHSP closing event

The Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) break out in Liberia from March 2014 to June 2016 ravaged the incomes of the population and the nation’s economy. The epidemic resulted in 11,622 EVD cases with 4,686 deaths. The 3rd wave of EVD break out in 2016 was credited to sexual transmission, resulting in the facility of the Men’s Health Screening Program (MHSP) in July 2015 to offer male EVD survivors with semen screening for EBOV RNA by rRT-PCR and behavioral therapy on safe sex practices. This intervention was led by the Ministry of Health (MoH), in cooperation with WHO and the United States- Center for Disease Control (US-CDC).

Providing the introduction of the program, Mr. Emerson J. Rogers, MHSP Program Director stated the program was collaborated from 3 websites in 3 counties (Montserrado, Bong and Lofa) that were most impacted by EVD epidemic in the nation. An overall of 857 survivors were registered, of whom 766 had Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) discharge certificates and 91 survivors did not have ETU certificates. Outcomes showed that EVD survivors did shed viral particles in their semen for more than 90 days with the last individual taking a minimum of 6 months.

Providing the keynote address, Mr. Joel Maybury, the U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission, praised Liberia and its partners for sustaining the MHSP. “Liberia is the only nation in the area that is on record for effectively following EVD survivors.” Mr. Maybury stated. He promised the United States Government’s constant collaboration to make sure a much healthier Liberia through the shipment of sufficient health care.

Speaking at this event, Dr. Peter Clement, WHO Country Representative explained the EVD break out in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone as an illness of the marginalized.

“Today is another presentation that Liberia has actually won the battle versus EVD and composed history with the effective screening and following up of all the registered male EVD survivors in the nation,” Dr. Clement stated.

He stated all these would not have actually taken place without the neighborhoods, collaborations, and uniformity from everybody.

Liberians are resistant individuals, when they state we will, they do”. Dr. Clement stated.

He vowed WHO’s dedication to supporting the federal government of Liberia in the structure of a resistant health system which he stated is important.

The head of the EVD survivors network, Mr. Vannie kamara speaking on behalf of his coworkers contacted the federal government and partners not to forget them even after the closure of the program. He applauded his coworkers and called them heroes, “we more than happy that we are complimentary and can no longer send EVD through our semen “he stated.

The Honorable Minister of Health Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah thanked the survivor’s network for their cooperation. “Let us make EVD a previous today however likewise remember its destruction and get ready for the future ahead”, she stated. Minutes. Jallah then pleaded with partners to continue supporting the EVD survivors so that they are not forgotten”

“Findings from the MHSP and lessons found out will benefit Liberia and the world”. Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah, Health Minister, stated.

Over 48 MoH personnel and the last mate of the EVD survivors who took part in the program were gowned and licensed for their assistance and dedication to the MHSP.

With financing from the US-CDC, WHO supplied technical, logistical, and functional assistance to the MHSP that caused effective therapy and follow-up of all the registered 857 individuals (100%) on the danger of Ebola Virus transmission and making sure each of them was checked and gotten 2 (02) unfavorable PCR results without any transmission throughout the 6 years follow up duration.

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