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Liberal candidate Kellie Sloane claims eastern suburbs should not be ‘punished’ with more housing

Rich suburbs shouldn’t be ‘punished’ with more houses, NIMBY politician claims

  • The Liberal candidate for the Vaucluse Kellie Sloane launched her campaign on Sunday
  • Ms Sloane said voters in the eastern suburbs were concerned about overdevelopment
  • She argued that Vaucluse does not have the infrastructure to support new construction
  • Council has adopted a report recommending 500 new houses to be built in five years
  • Wollahra Council’s housing target is among the lowest in the state

Residents of an affluent harborside suburb should not be ‘punished’ with more housing, a local politician claimed.

Liberal candidate for the Vaucluse Kellie Sloane launched her election campaign on Sunday, along with NSW Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet, declaring voters in Sydney’s eastern suburbs were concerned about overdevelopment.

The former TV journalist said Woollahra Council exceeded previous housing targets and residents should not be ‘punished’ with more housing – despite the prime minister’s push for more housing.

Former TV journalist turned liberal hopeful Kellie Sloane (pictured) launched her election campaign, claiming that Wollahra Council residents shouldn’t be ‘punished’ with more housing

Ms Sloane argued that residents of the eastern suburbs were concerned about over-development and that the Wollahra Council area lacked the infrastructure to allow for the new construction (pictured, Sydney’s Vaucluse port city)

“We in the Woollahra district have exceeded our (housing) expectations, so I don’t think we should be punished afterwards by building more houses,” she said.

“I’m saying we need sustainable development in this community, a community that doesn’t have the infrastructure for overdevelopment.

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“It’s about finding the right balance, protecting the integrity of this community.”

The 49-year-old claimed that Vaucluse – which has some of the most expensive properties in the country – lacked the infrastructure to support new buildings, despite the council’s approval of a plan to build new homes last year.

The 2021 report recommends building 500 new homes in the municipality over the next five years, but only 400 homes are expected to be built between 2026 and 2036.

The NSW government’s housing plan aims to build 40,000 new homes per year in the state.

Woollahra Municipality has one of the lowest housing targets in the state compared to Blacktown and The Hills, which are expected to build 17,000 and 14,870 new homes by 2026, respectively.

Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet (pictured) introduced a housing plan that aims to build 40,000 new homes per year in the state

Prime Minister Perrottet criticized ‘not in my backyard’ complaints from privileged residents, but also said it was important to maintain the local character of a suburb.

“You have to take the community on a journey,” he said The property bank podcast from last month.

Ms Sloane was pre-selected by party members last week after the prime minister came under pressure to increase the number of female representatives in his cabinet and government.

The mother of three is one of the few liberal women to be pre-selected for a blue-ribbon seat to be won in the state election on March 25.


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