<pre><pre>LGBTQ Google employees are asking SF Pride to remove the company from celebrations

LGBTQ employees at Google are petitioning San Francisco Pride to kick the company off the official festivities this weekend. "We urge you to withdraw Google & # 39; s sponsorship of Pride 2019 and exclude Google from representation in the Prato Parade in San Francisco on June 30, 2019," reads Medium message with the full petition. The name includes nearly 100 signatures from employees who are "forced to speak" despite possible repercussions.


The petition was first reported by Bloomberg. Prior to the public existence of the petition, a source told The edge it was "extremely controversial" within the Gayglers group, but had already collected dozens of signatures on Tuesday night.

"We do not make this request without seriously considering the alternatives," it says. "We have spent countless hours advocating for our company to review LGBTQ + person policies and practices, portrayal of LGBTQ + people, and intimidation and hate speech directed at LGBTQ + people and other Google products. When we insist on change, we are only told that the company will take this policy seriously. "But we never get a commitment to improve, and when we wondering when these improvements are made, we are always told be patient. "

The petition also asks that if SF Pride does not remove Google, it "will give a determination, without a real change in this policy and practices, and a strong position in the sense that Google will not be allowed to to sponsor or be officially represented in the upcoming San Francisco Pride celebrations. "

The switch is the last in constant unrest of some Google LGBTQ members following YouTube's decision to allow conservative expert Steven Crowder to remain on the platform after repeated homophobic harassment of Vox journalist and video presenter Carlos Maza. (The edge is part of Vox Media, owner of Vox.) In addition to inciting a larger conversation about moderation and intimidation, some employees feel that the company has lost its right to participate in Pride procedures.

Earlier this week, The edge reported that Google would not allow its employees to protest peacefully against recent policy decisions while marching with the company in some official capacity. Internally, employees were told that any form of protest – including signs or T-shirts – as a Google representative would violate the company's code of conduct. If employees want to protest, they can do this alone.

The edge has contacted SF Pride and will update accordingly.


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