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LG V60 ThinQ shown in leaked press view

A press release that claims to have been LG’s unannounced V60 ThinQ published by Android headlines, with a handset with a small notch, a special Google Assistant button and a gold frame. Although not confirmed by the leak, the phone was expected to be announced at the now canceled Mobile World Congress. Text on the phone’s display is on February 24, the day on which MWC 2020 would originally begin.

Although the image does not show the back of the device, an earlier leak suggested that the LG V60 ThinQ will be equipped with a quad camera array, four microphones and a 3.5 mm headphone jack, making LG one of the few manufacturers who still offer it on a flagship (LG does like a good DAC). The leak also claimed that the phone will have a 5000 mAh battery, an increase over the 4000 mAh battery in last year’s 5G-ready LG V50 ThinQ. Individual leaks have been claimed the Android 10 phone is powered by a Snapdragon 865 processor and 8 GB of RAM.

A previous leak claimed that the phone would have a 5000 mAh battery and four microphones.
Photograph by Evan Blass

There is no sign of LG’s accessory for two screens for the V60 ThinQ, which Yonhap reported to be announced at MWC in December. LG has announced a similar accessory with its previous G8X handset, which can be used to give you enough screen property to do two things on the device, such as watching YouTube on one screen while browsing the web on the other.

Now that MWC has been canceled, it is unclear when LG can announce its V60 ThinQ or when the phone may be released. When LG initially withdrew from the stock market, it said it would “hold separate events in the near future to announce its 2020 mobile products.” With the device supposedly ready for a disclosure at the end of February, these “individual events” cannot be too far away.