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Lewis Hamilton is forced to stay at the hotel and QUARANTINE for the Hungarian GP

Lewis Hamilton will be forced to stay at the hotel and QUARANTINE for the Hungarian GP as ministers impose strict restrictions on UK visitors

  • British visitors to Hungary will receive a very strict ministerial protocol
  • That means Lewis Hamilton and Co have to shut down for the Hungarian GP
  • Strict rules mean that British drivers and race staff must stay in their hotel
  • Other than being on the track for racing, British citizens don’t have free movement

Lewis Hamilton will be one of many British Formula 1 drivers and staff who must adhere to strict lockdown measures for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Teams got new guidance from the sport’s COVID-19 delegate on Saturday and it indicated how there will be very strict measures for UK visitors.

The Hungarian Grand Prix is ​​expected to continue as planned, with the event in Budapest scheduled for next Sunday as the third race on the revised championship calendar.

Hungarian ministers have a strict protocol that requires British citizens to stay in their hotel as long as they are not on the track.

Ministers are believed to have a dim view of the relaxation of the UK due to the closure of pubs and restaurants earlier this month.

F1 has a strict bubble of 2,000 men and many of those who live and work in the UK. There has not been a single positive test of the first two weekends of the season in Austria.

The rules in Hungary for UK citizens mean that Hamilton and Co risk a staggering fine of € 15,000 (£ 13,422) for violations of the rules.

The contact tracing app is not used for the race, but visitors are expected to keep notes of who they come across.

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