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Let’s take a closer look at Spider-Man 2 and what’s new to offer | -WhatsNew2Day


During the last PlayStation Showcase event, he was reticent about some good titles but when we get to the showcasing of Spider-Man 2 I can say that it caught the eye and a small compensation for the frustration some fans experienced with rumors that raised expectations before the event.

Regardless, we will focus on one of the titles that dazzled us and discuss it with you in depth. Let’s take a closer look at the presentation and see what Spider-Man 2 will offer us in terms of events and gameplay.

Kraven the hunter is the biggest enemy in Spider-Man 2!

It was expected when we saw a new trailer for Spider-Man 2 that we would get a look at Venom in the game, but with the specials highlighting the biggest villain, it seems that Kraven the hunter will play a pivotal role in moving the roles of evil in the game.

It could greatly affect Venom’s volatile intentions and want him to get rid of Spider-Man (which is expected to be Harry Osborn) because he was mentioned in the advertisement as ill, which indicates Peter’s knowledge that he is in New York and has not traveled.

The symbiote, the poison in honey

Spider-Man 2

In the show, we see the symbiote sticking to Peter to make Spider-Man more powerful and aggressive at the same time. We see this through his movements and his thick voice to highlight his revenge for what “Kraven” did with the lizard, because he is basically Dr. Connors, “one of my teachers.” Peter at Oscorp.

Peter’s harshness does not come against the bad, but it turns on his friend Miles, who commands him angrily. What we notice at the end of the show when he wants to take revenge by finding “Connors” who has turned into a lizard alone without anyone’s help.

This scene alone raises questions, and it is clear that we will take a big journey with “Miles Morales” in the second part, because “Peter” will become evil for a while, according to my expectations.

I expect, in one way or another, to see effects in the story due to the entry of this suit into Peter’s life, his relationship with the little spider-man “Miles” or even with his beloved “Mary Jane”, which will be very thorny, and it is expected that we will see the first appearance of a new girlfriend for Spiderman in this period and from It is expected that she will be “Gwen Stacy”, according to what some comics indicate (comics of Marvel heroes), which will be the entrance to a new part .. perhaps Ghost-Spider?

A dynamic not seen in the entire Spider-Man series

As soon as I saw Spider-Man coming out of his basement in Queens in a symbiote suit, I was going to go crazy with his stunts. The details on the suit were really amazing, and it seems that what is new in the gameplay are the movements at the bottom of the screen, which will generate more characteristics in terms of abilities or Takedowns.

What impressed me was the smooth transition and dynamic gameplay between “Peter Parker” and “Miles Morales” and vice versa, which reminded me of the title GTA 5, but the credit for this smoothness goes to the impressive capabilities of the SSD and its perfect exploitation from the Insomniac studio.

New abilities of Spider-Man

Spider-Man 2

  • A levitating suit for either Miles or Peter Parker
  • New stun abilities for Miles
  • New Takedowns
  • New mechanisms of infiltration
  • The symbiote suit of Peter Parker

Unfortunately… the visuals are underwhelming

I hope these screenshots are from an older version of the game because the graphics are weaker than what we saw in the first teaser for the game Spider-Man 2The graphics didn’t even reach the level of the previous installment, Spider-Man Miles Morales, although the teaser visuals for the game are great, and it makes me very confused.

We also saw good details of the buildings where I can see inside of the windows, but in any case these details are not enough to create impressive visuals, because if the game was released in this way, it would be meaningless to release it on the current generation only.

Release date

We do not yet know the official release date, but it will be released this fall on PS5, and as expected, it will be released in September, but until now you can put the game on the wish list until you receive a notification that it is available for pre-order. I expect it to come in the Egyptian dialect, as is the case in the translation of the Arabic PlayStation show.

Perhaps Sony is planning to hold a State of Play event later this year, prior to the game’s release, in order to charge the public’s enthusiasm, review the game in more depth, and of course reveal the final launch date.

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