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Let’s learn together about the mechanism of switching between characters in the game Spider-Man 2..


Last week, Sony and PlayStation revealed an extended gameplay of the highly anticipated Spider-Man 2 game, where we got an exciting review that showed us the Spider-Man characters in fighting modes as well as the mechanism of switching between characters. Below we will see how it works.

In our recent Spider-Man 2 review, we saw the ability to switch between characters Peter Parker and personality Miles Morales. But the question here is, will switching between them be optional or compulsory in the game, and will the story events control that?

In an interview with the website Euro gamer with the game director Bryan IntiharOn the subject of switching between Spider-Man characters, and whether the player would ever control that feature, he replied Brian:

“In some aspects of the story, we control who the player plays as Peter or Miles. As you saw in the last gameplay presentation that is part of the story, some parts of the missions will force you to choose a specific character in order to complete the mission and advance in the story.

When asked about players being outside the story for some time, and wanting to roam freely, is it possible to switch between characters, he replied Brian That the situation will be different, he continued, explaining:

We have content designed around Peter, we have content designed around Miles, and we have content where you can play both. In the open world, the player will be able to switch between them freely with a simple button press. This is thanks to the power of the PlayStation 5. And to be able to switch in the open world so quickly between the two characters is really cool.”

Brian also said that there are three types of skill tree in the game. One for Peter, another for Miles, and the last one for the two characters together. This shows us that the game will be huge, especially since its map will be twice the size of the map of the previous two parts.

We remind our followers that the game will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 5 this fall. What do you think of this information about the mechanism of switching between characters?

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