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Let’s dissect Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s baffling gear system


As you make your way through the regions of Wo Long: fallen dynasty, you will find a lot of equipment. There are tons of weapons and tons of armor sets (with five pieces of equipment each). To make things even more confusing, each individual piece of gear has both a rarity and a update level on top of the basic stats. It gets confusing quickly.

Let’s talk about how Wo longgear, rarity levels, and upgrades work, and discuss how to read the stats.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty equipment base stats

Every piece of equipment in it Wo Long: fallen dynasty – each weapon and piece (of each set) of armor – has a lot statistics associated with it. Let’s start with the basic statistics.

For weapons they are:

  • Basic attack and attack power – how hard you hit
  • Attack Bonuses (from Five Phases Virtues) – bonuses that increase how hard you hit that you get by leveling up
  • Spirit stats – both how much Spirit you lose while defending or parrying, and how much Spirit an enemy loses when you hit them

For shield they are:

  • Defense – how much damage you take when you get hit
  • Physical Resistance – A modifier focused on physical attacks as opposed to magic
  • Ghost Defense – how much ghost you lose when you get hit
  • Resistors — bonuses or penalties for elemental damage from the five stages).

How the rarity of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty equipment works

At the very top of the equipment stats is rarity. Rarity is indicated by a number of stars, ranging from none (normal items like throwing knives) to 1★ and up to 5★. Many items come in multiple rarities. You might find a 1★ Bronze Sword immediately followed by a 3★ Bronze Sword. But every Bronze sword have the same basic stats (attack power, five-stage attack bonus, virtue points, and spirit), regardless of rarity. The same goes for armor.

You can see this in the slider below:

1677823971 886 Lets dissect Wo Long Fallen Dynastys baffling gear system

A 1★ versus a 3★ bronze sword.
Image: Team Ninja/Koei ​​Tecmo via Polygon and Image: Team Ninja/Koei ​​Tecmo via Polygon

Rarer items – items with more stars – have extra Special effects. These are a number of minor improvements to various stats, such as a 1.5% bonus to your damage output or a 5.8% increase to the amount of copper you find. You can view a (long) list of every special effect you have active from all your weapons and armor by pressing X/Square in the loadout menu.

The most important of these are special effects in weapons Martial arts — the special attacks you perform with RB + X/square or Y/triangle. One-starred weapons have only one martial ability, but three-starred weapons have two – the rarity of the weapon basically determines which attacks you can perform.

The special effects may differ for each piece of equipment. Two identical items with the same rarity have the same base stats, but can have different special effects.

Upgrading equipment in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Not too far into the game, you will meet Zhu Xia, the blacksmith. If you talk to her, she’ll let you spend buyer, steelAnd leather to upgrade your armor and weapons and improve their base stats.

Upgrading adds a plus sign and a number to the equipment you are upgrading. For example, a bronze sword becomes a bronze sword +1. Upgrading increases an item’s base stats: base attack, attack power, and weapon attack bonuses; and defense, physical resistance, mind defense, and five-stage resistances for armor.

Upgrade does not however, change the rarity of the item. You do not add new special effects to an item while upgrading. In other words, a 1★ bronze sword +1 will deal more base damage than a 3★ bronze sword (+0), but the +1 sword has fewer special effects.

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