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Let Your Canvas Sparkle with Diamond Dotting


If you relish trying out new things, you might like painting with diamonds.

But what’s so special about diamond painting?

You must be wondering why the craft has gotten so famous all around the globe since its inception in Asia over a decade ago.

Some therapists even recommend Diamond painting as a good mind-boosting activity for people to detach from their phones and the pressure from social media.

It’s been said that with just the right amount of dedication to the craft, you can ease off stress, build new good habits, and reconnect more with your inner mind in no time.

 Without further ado, let’s get right into why you should start diamond painting!

Why You Should Start Diamond Painting

It strengthens your focus

The repetitive act of laying down diamond drills at the allocated slots can train you mentally to keep a good focus and build great attention to detail.

It helps you build self-discipline

This might be the right recreational activity if you’ve been meaning to build consistency in the long run. Diamond painting can aid you in building self-discipline if you’re willing, committed, and dedicated to the craft.

It relieves tension and anxiety

Diamond painting relieves your tension and improves your overall mood. It soothes your body and mind by diverting your attention from every other thing happening around you. Painting with diamonds doesn’t guarantee that all your problems are gone instantly, but it can help divert your mind from troubling thoughts.

It boosts your creativity

Painting on the “puzzle-like” canvas boosts your inner creativity and gives your mind access to discover a new world of creative possibilities. 

It helps you unplug from social media

Diamond painting serves as a surefire means of distracting yourself from scrolling through social media during the day. Aside from that, it also strengthens your ability to concentrate and remain consistent with your goals and other activities.

Types of Diamond Drills

Presently, two known types of diamond drills exist–the Round and Square.

The round diamond drills are the most recommended for beginners. Since the shape is rounded at its edges, you needn’t worry about following a straight path on the canvas.

However, the square drills require more expertise and foundational knowledge of diamond painting. Experienced crafters usually use them because this drill type needs to be perfectly lined and arrayed. It is more complex than the round drill, but the results are super impressive, too.

Nevertheless, any skill level can try out either of these drills.

What’s the difference between 5D and 3D Diamond Drills?

Spotting the differences in 5D and 3D diamond drill models is not so tasking.

Normally, they are distinguished by their dimensions and the total number of facets present on each piece.

These facets are visible sides that make up the shape and dimension of a diamond.

A typical 5D diamond drill has five facets on each side, although its counterpart has only three facets. Due to this, the 5D drills sparkle more and have more depth than 3D.

Averagely, a beautiful 5D diamond painting kit comes with a drill pen, wax, canvas, drill container, tweezer, and 5D diamond drills, etc.; the same applies to 3D, with the only exception being 3D diamond drills.


Let your canvas sparkle with diamonds this season. You should get a customized diamond painting kit early enough before it’s sold out, and remember, your friends and family would love some, too!

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