Let the ‘Best Humidifier Ever’ Keep Dry Skin and Itchy Throat at bay – on sale now for just $80

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Over 11,000 Amazon shoppers love this Levoit humidifier. (Photo: Amazon)

Summer is almost over. That means no more sweltering days under the hot, dry sun. But the approach of autumn and winter brings its own dangers. As the temperature drops, you spend a lot of time indoors, where your heating system can slowly dry out your skin and mucous membranes. The result? Irritated nasal passages, scratchy throats and a cracking cough.

But there is a solution: a humidifier for your home (or office). And more than 12,000 Amazon Shoppers feel like they’ve found that one. It is the Levit Humidifier, and it is a force to be reckoned with. It’s packed with an ultrasonic mechanism that delivers a steady humidification powerful enough to spread evenly across a large room (we’re talking living rooms, basements, master suites, and more).

“This is hands down the best humidifier I’ve ever owned,” wrote a five-star reviewer. “…The first night I plugged this in was the first night we both slept peacefully and woke up without the nosebleeds and clearer sinuses after being bothered by other humidifiers for about a month. I am so super grateful for this humidifier!”

A built-in humidistat measures humidity before, during and after use, so you can actually see how the Levoit changes the air you’re in!

Buy it: Levoit Humidifier for Large Rooms, $80 with coupon on the page (was $90), amazon.com

Levoit Humidifier for large spaces.  (Photo: Amazon)

Levoit Humidifier for large spaces. (Photo: Amazon)

The humidifier offers a host of other benefits, especially for plant parents: “I love this thing, as do my plants,” said one five-star reviewer. “It maintains a constant humidity level and has a large tank, which means it doesn’t need to be refilled too often. Our house can be exceptionally dry and I refilled our old humidifier 1 to 2 times a day, but it only comes on when needed, and even when the air is dry, the tank only needs to be refilled every few days. I highly recommend this for any tropical plant enthusiast who lives in drier or cooler climates where heating dries the air indoors.

The Levoit is so advanced that you can set the humidity to any percentage you want, leave it on and let it control the whole room. Shoppers say the water tank lasts for days, so you can go on your way without worry. As soon as the water runs out, the Levoit will automatically shut down as an extra layer of protection.

Fan of essential oils? The built-in aroma diffuser can spread a favorite scent throughout a room. Basically, this thing is a built-in spa. Reviewers also rave about how quiet this diffuser model is compared to the ones they’ve had in the past.

One lucky shopper said:: “I love this humidifier because it’s quiet, easy to use and creates a nice mist. I used to have a large floor standing unit and the filters always got dirty with mold which was disgusting. I use this every time I go to bed at night in the winter so I don’t catch a cold unexpectedly.”

Buy it: Levoit Humidifier for Large Rooms, $80 with coupon on the page (was $90), amazon.com

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