Lenovo unveils ThinkShield to increase operational safety

<pre><pre>Lenovo unveils ThinkShield to increase operational safety

Lenovo today announced ThinkShield, a new secuirity platform designed to secure devices throughout the product life cycle. ThinkShield is unveiled at the Transform 2.0 event in New York and secures devices directly from the production and supply chain, and ensures that devices entering the enterprise segment are not infected or compromised before they are even turned on.

The company focused on how a tightly controlled supply chain network ensures that nothing jeopardizes the production process, while partnerships such as those with Intel enable customers to see exactly where each component comes from and offer up to seven different authentication factors for one better security. .

BIOS-based Smart USB security allows IT professionals to configure USB ports to respond only to keyboards and pointing devices, making employee PCs safer against rogue USB storage devices that are connected during startup.

The company also has laptop shutters for the physical laptop on its new laptops and has exhibited its new screens with ThinkPad Privacy Guard security. When it is activated, the screen can only be seen when viewed directly, while anyone viewing the screen at an angle sees only a blank screen.

Once devices have reached the end of their lifecycle, Lenovo protects potentially sensitive data by erasing the drives and securely recycling the components. The company also offers a paid Keep Your Drive service that ensures that sensitive information never leaves the customer's hands.