Lenovo Smart Display release date confirmed for the UK

<pre><pre>Lenovo Smart Display release date confirmed for the UK

The release date of the Lenovo Smart Display has been confirmed as October for the UK.

Lenovo unveiled the arrival to its first market outside the US during IFA 2018, and both the 8-inch and 10-inch versions of the Smart Display will be available in the UK.

You can buy the Smart Display from John Lewis and AO, and Lenovo says it will have more retailers on board before it comes on sale.

How much?

There is no word yet about the price of the Smart Display for the United Kingdom, but in the US the 8-inch model costs $ 199, while the 10-inch version is $ 249.

Direct conversions give us Smart Display prices of approximately £ 155 and £ 190, but office costs are likely to be slightly steeper than that. We will update this article if we know for sure.

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