Lenovo IdeaCentre Gaming 5 (14iob6) Gaming PC Review

Lenovo boasts more than one Legion brand with its ultra-modern laptops and desktops. The IdeaCentre lineup also includes curious gaming builds. Today, we’re bringing you one of them: the ergonomic Gaming 5 gamer system.

The Legion gaming brand includes dozens of premium solutions. Big and brightly lit system blocks, cutting-edge stuffing, and impressive pricing come with it. Yet, Lenovo also has a line of IdeaCentre monoblocks with which your best desktop computer for gaming under 500 will look great! In addition to mini-PCs and work platforms, it has several gaming assemblies with quite interesting characteristics.

IdeaCentre Gaming 5, based on the Intel processor, is a fairly powerful desktop computer assembled by the manufacturer with the gamer’s needs in mind. The system does not have the impressive appearance of the Legion series, but it is very light and will not take up much space, even on the most modest table. Let’s take a closer look.

Design Features

The system has the most laconic design, which is aimed not only at the spectacular presentation but also at the comfort of the user. The volume of the case is 13.6 liters. The height of the unit is only 34 centimeters, the width is 14, and the length is 28. Such a PC will easily fit into the most modest niche, stand on most monitor shelves, and fit on any computer desk.

Speaking of lightness, the IdeaCentre Gaming 5 weighs only six kilograms. It’s delightfully compact compared to some home systems, which are unbreakable. Lenovo has provided a convenient handle for transportation that comes out of the front panel. Bringing the device to some gamer’s party is now not a problem.

The ventilation holes are arranged on the removable side panel, on the front panel (including the slots around its perimeter), and traditionally on the back. The cooling system perfectly copes with a long and high load. Only the back panel and a little bit of the top panel get hot, while the rest of the case maintains room temperature. The coolers are not too noisy, but you can certainly hear them.

Due to its modest size, the IdeaCentre Gaming 5 has slightly fewer interfaces than standard PC giants. The graphics card comes out with three DP connectors and one HDMI. On the back, there are four USB 3.0 ports. Next to VGA and RJ45, and at the very top, there is an additional slot for HDMI 1.4 and line 3.5mm audio jack (input/output). Separate microphone and headset inputs are not provided.

The front panel is available in indigo blue, which looks almost like black in a dark room. It is semi-glossy and can take some dirt on it. In addition to the power button, there is another combined audio jack for the microphone and headset, two USB 3.1, a card reader for SD cards, and a USB Type-C port out there. There’s no separate Reset button and no power switch either.

The IdeaCentre Gaming 5 has a modest uncontrolled backlight with a gentle blue glow directed at the table surface from the bottom of the stand. The graphics card also gives away its relation to the Nvidia RTX family with its trademark green light from underneath the ventilation grilles.


If you’re seriously considering getting a ready-made and not too expensive gaming PC, then you should at least explore all of Lenovo’s offerings. 

The updated Gaming is the most budget-friendly gaming build for the current generation. Though it may slightly lack additional interfaces and presentability, the inside of the system is definitely all right.

Ready to sacrifice the bright backlighting, glass side panels, and other design gimmicks for the sake of compact size and usability? Then the IdeaCentre Gaming 5 will definitely appeal to you.

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