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Lego 2K Drive review


There is only one word to describe how one feels when playing Lego 2K DriveWhich is: fun. From the very first moment, when you see your vehicle transform automatically from a street car to a boat when entering the water, or an off-roader racing on challenging terrain, the game oozes fun. And when you make your way through a world Bricklandia As you bump into other vehicles, trees and larger objects, and watch them shatter into a stack of Lego bricks, you can’t help but smile. managed studio Visual Concepts From figuring out the right formula for what a racing game should be LegoAnd had it not been for its repetitive gameplay nature to facilitate purchases from the in-game store, it would have been Lego 2K Drive A game that even the best racing games can learn a few things from.

The most striking aspect of Lego 2K Drive It is its free open world. There are four visually different areas to explore, with one thing in common: you’re supposed to make your way through them as fast as you can muster. Unlike most racing games where selecting a place on a map brings up lane guidance on the screen, here it’s just a suggestion. In fact there are no route directions at all, instead you are simply shown a pointer as to where you need to go, and that’s all there is.

Players have the ability to speed up, jump and turn sharply from the start, allowing you to blast through objects, jump off cliffs and dash over rivers at breakneck speeds, and if you do it all with the right timing, nothing will stop you. Even your vehicle automatically transforms with the change of terrain under the tires, if the road is smooth and smooth, you will get a street car of your choice, but when you pass over rough terrain, or on the water, the vehicle smoothly changes to an off-road vehicle or a boat in an instant, in order to preserve The momentum of speed continues without hindrance. This is in addition to the frame rate 60fps The constant alone makes the game so much fun, and it opens up the map to explore as you please and in any way you want.

And exploration is something you have to do because there are so many things to find. The main way to do this is to start the story campaign, which is a simple 8-10 hour campaign that will take you through the basics and open up the world to you while also introducing some fun humor along the way, but not always getting the requisite laughs.

You will play as a “boy” who must race dozens of opponents to collect flags that will qualify you for a competition Sky Cup Grand Prixand defeat your archenemy Shadow Z. Who is this “boy”, where did he come from and why should he be defeated Shadow Z? It doesn’t matter, this is not a game God of War. The main point is that in the realm of Bricklandia You earn citizen rank badges through car races and first place finishes. this is the way.

When you defeat rivals, you will get various vehicles and perks. The vehicles come in very different sizes and shapes, one of which was in the shape of a burger on wheels, but they each have their own characteristics that allow you to customize the way you want to race. Each vehicle comes under a specific weight class (light, medium, heavy, massive), and a different set of acceleration, top speed, handling, and health stats. Choosing a vehicle with the right stats is crucial depending on your play style. If you choose a lightweight vehicle with faster acceleration but squishy handling characteristics, you could lose the advantage on a winding racetrack, compared to a vehicle that is slower (and therefore heavier) but has a more solid handling style at the wheel. You can add perks to change your vehicles in small ways, for example one perk can give you a higher top speed, while another gives you more health.

But from what I can see, it doesn’t seem to matter all that much as long as you’re able to stay on the track until the end. Since the game focuses on providing a gaming experience that is suitable for children, the racing is much more lenient than the regular racing games. I’ve never had any problems finishing in first place in almost every race, and to be honest, at first I thought: “When did I get to be so good at racing games? I’m cool, I’m the king of the road, bow in front of me!”. But then I noticed the game’s sheer indulgence, and how brilliantly it slowed down the front runners to give me a helping hand to emerge victorious. Do you want the truth? I don’t mind because it makes me feel good, and the races themselves are so much fun. The game takes many elements from karts racing games with boosters distributed all over the map, allowing you to create utter chaos around you. It doesn’t seem to do damage or change course like in Mario Kart8but using them to beat opponents is fun.

You’ll also constantly come across side missions and mini-games as you progress through the story. Which is divided between traditional missions such as bringing items or very innovative races, most of which are quite fun. One of the early side missions is to deliver flowers to a specific Lego person by driving around town and trying to find them by their bunny ears. Another task is to catch crippled missiles shooting through the city, which requires some finesse with your controls as you try to catch them at just the right moment before they slip away. Getting it to the exact spot is another challenge entirely because missiles make it much more difficult to control and maneuver your vehicle.

Mini-games are of a similar nature. My favorite of them all was called Red brick, green brickwhich takes direct inspiration from the game Red Light, Green Light famous series Squid GamesYou have to move the car when the light turns green, and hit the brakes when it turns red. And it gets progressively more difficult when you have to do it across different terrains, as the speed and braking becomes completely different. Another one of my favorite mini games was hurdle jumping, where you have to race across a track and jump over hurdles, and if you miss a jump or even touch a hurdle it’s game over. Although it sounds easy to do, but because the controls are so precise, it took me about 30 attempts to finish the race (which proves how bad I do in racing games in general).

When you complete the races and mini-games you will get in-game currency, which you can save to buy other vehicles from Enkie’s Emporium, which is the shop for small in-game purchases. And here’s where the biggest problem with the game lies: by the end of the campaign, with most of the side missions and mini-games completed, I had enough in-game currency to buy one car in the shop (they cost between 10K and 14K in game currency). But after that you will either have to keep playing repeatedly and finish the races over and over again, or search the open world for the few coins scattered around the map to earn money. Or of course, you can pay real money to buy gold coins, which easily cost between $5-$25, which will only get you one more vehicle before you have to pay the money all over again.

Luckily, you don’t have to rely on the entire store to get different vehicles to play with… as long as you have a strong imagination. where you allow Lego 2K Drive Build your own vehicle, piece by piece, in any shape you want. You will get several bases (for a street car, off-road or boat), on which you can build your own creativity. There don’t seem to be any restrictions either, as long as the fittings fit on top of each other anything is allowed. My creativity gave up on me a long time ago, but I am very curious to see what wild creations society will come up with.

If you don’t like it but still want to build your own car, you can take apart any car you earned during the Single Campaign, and build it from scratch with step-by-step instructions guiding you along the way. You can also customize any vehicle you have earned by changing its color or adding different parts to change its appearance.

If you can ignore the in-game shop, Lego 2K Drive is an easy game to recommend if you’re looking for a fun and light-hearted racing game. It’s a fully open-world, first-rate karts racing game that’s on par with, and in some ways better than, games like Mario Kart and Forza Horizon.

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