LeBron James explained his outburst at the media last Wednesday after a LA Lakers victory

LeBron James said he wanted to “hold the media responsible” for burying the 1957 photo taken by Jerry Jones at an antiintegration clash in favour of Kyrie Irving’s antisemitism row.

  • LeBron James explained why he slammed the media for ignoring double standards 
  • The King was critical after not being asked to comment on a 65-year-old photo of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently surfaced at an anti-integration clash 
  • James was repeatedly asked about Kyrie’s anti-Semitic tweet. He then made the point of a race double standard in the wider media.
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LeBron James explained why LeBron James slammed media during Thursday Night Football’s alternate coverage. 

Just over a week ago, after the Lakers’ 128-109 win over the Portland Trail Blazers, James accused media of a racist double standard after a recently surfaced photo showed Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones as a 14-year-old during a civil rights clash at his Little Rock high school in 1957.  

At the time, James inquired why he hadn’t been asked about Jones, despite fielding questions for much of November about an African-American former teammate, Kyrie Irving, accused of anti-Semitism.

James refused to answer questions from reporters or explain why they hadn’t raised the topic with him. But he finally added context. The Shop TNF crossover 

James began to explain, “Just accountability man.” ‘You know what, the media is so quick and fervent to hold us athletes, especially black athletes, accountable. 

“We cannot make mistakes. This is impossible. They want to bring up all the facts. I want to hold the media responsible. 

LeBron James explained why he reacted angrily to the media after a win by the LA Lakers last Wednesday

“The fact that they didn’t ask anyone of our questions. I didn’t hear any question from any athlete, especially in the basketball arena, about the situation. 

“I’m only holding them accountable – let’s them know that I see. I am certain that I am awake.

James brought out the photo of Jones that Jones had taken before, and he did so without any prompting from the media. 

 James stated to reporters last week, “I have one question for your guys before you guys go,” ‘I was thinking when I was on my way over here, I was wondering why I haven’t gotten a question from you guys about the Jerry Jones photo. 

The 80-Year-Old Billionaire Said He Looked 'Like A Little Burrhead' In The Photo, Which Was Taken Amid A Wave Of Civil Rights Clashes In The Little Rock Area. As Jones Explained To The Post, His Football Coach, Jim Albright, Had Warned Players To Avoid The Widely Anticipated Scene On The First Day Of Classes At North Little Rock High

The billionaire, aged 80, said that he looked like a little burrhead in the photo. It was taken during a wave of civil right clashes in Little Rock. Jones explained to the Post that Jim Albright, his football coach had warned his players to avoid the highly anticipated scene at North Little Rock High’s first day of classes.

“But when the Kyrie [Irving] You guys were quick to ask questions about whatever was going on.  

In this photo, Jones is seen with six African-American teenagers at Arkansas’ North Little Rock High. 

Jones acknowledged to the Washington Post that he is indeed the subject of the photograph. However, he claimed that he was there for curiosity and not racist purposes. 

Irving was caught in the middle of an anti-Semitic storm after a Cavalier posted a link on his social media to an Amazon documentary in October.

Owner And President Of The Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones

Brooklyn Nets Guard Kyrie Irving

James, who was awarded a title in Cleveland with Irving in 2016, asked several questions about Irving (right), but was confused about Jones (left).