LeBron James confirms he has been vaccinated for the first time after saying he was ‘very skeptical’

Lebron James says he has been vaccinated against COVID-19 after doing his ‘research’, ending a long-running mystery over whether or not the superstar player was stabbed.

James confirmed he’d been given the opportunity at a pre-season Los Angeles Lakers press conference on Tuesday.

“I know I was very skeptical about it, but after doing my research and stuff like that, I felt it was the most suitable not only for me, but also for my family and my friends,” says the 36 year old said.

He stopped approving the shots, calling them a matter of “choice” and saying it’s “not” [his] job” to promote them.

“We’re talking about the bodies of individuals,” he said.

“We’re not talking about anything that’s political or racism or police brutality or anything like that. We’re talking about people’s bodies and well-being, so I don’t think I should interfere with what other people should be doing for their bodies and their livelihood.’

Lebron James, 36, confirmed his vaccination status at a press conference in LA Lakers on Tuesday

The superstar player, above in December 2020, stopped endorsing the vaccines

The superstar player, above in December 2020, stopped approving the vaccines

The National Basketball Association doesn’t have a widespread vaccine mandate, but it does require shots for teams in New York City and San Francisco, which are mandated.

Sixty-four percent of the U.S. population has at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

On Sept. 21, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that race or ethnicity was known in 59 percent of those who received at least one dose.

Of this group, 60 percent are white, 17 percent are Hispanic and only 10 percent are black, according to the Emperor Family Foundation, who noted that “recent patterns indicate a narrowing of racial disparities in vaccinations nationally.”

Black people make up 13.4 percent of the US population.

When asked how important it was for the team to be fully vaccinated, James said, “Ultimately, you always try to think of ways to always be available and protect each other.”

De Laker said vaccination was the right choice

De Laker said vaccination was the right choice “for my family and my friends.” In May, the NBA decided not to suspend him after he attended a promotional event for a tequila brand

James’ claim on Tuesday ended a long-running mystery about the vaccine status of one of the NBA’s most prolific players.

In March, he had avoided answering whether he intended to get the coronavirus vaccine, saying in an interview that he will “keep that private.”

James appeared slack about the COVID-19 jab when he gave a lengthy interview ahead of the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday after NBA Commissioner Adam Silver recently announced he would not mandate the vaccine.

“That’s a conversation my family and I will have and I’ll keep it more or less private,” James said.

In May, former Lakers security guard Dennis Schroder told a German publication that he and James were the only unvaccinated Lakers, according to Yahoo Sports, which says that 10 to 15 percent of the league’s players are unvaccinated.

A few weeks later, the NBA decided not to suspend or quarantine him after he attended a promotional event for Lobos 1707 Tequila. They said James attended only “briefly” the event, which was outdoors and required proof of vaccination or a negative test.

“Current NBA rules allow vaccinated players to participate in outside activities, including their individual commercial arrangements, such as sponsorship appearances or ad shoots,” spokesman Mike Bass said in a statement on May 24.

The statement led many to believe that James was not stabbed.

Lakers General Manager Tob Pelinka has said his team will be fully vaccinated for the season opener against the Golden State Warriors on Oct. 19.

There are signs that the infections are decreasing after an late summer peak due to the Delta variant

There are signs that the infections are decreasing after an late summer peak due to the Delta variant

The US is lagging behind countries like the UK and Canada in percentage of people vaccinated

The US is lagging behind countries like the UK and Canada in percentage of people vaccinated

On Saturday, rolling stone revealed the NBA’s difficulty in getting players to advocate for vaccines.

The players’ union has rejected the NBA’s proposal for a vaccine mandate, and the league has surprisingly lax vaccination standards, sources said.

“No player will be forced to undergo off-day testing, league sources confirmed, despite the NBA suggesting this in previous guidelines. Social distancing is now ‘recommended’.

“Players who are not fully vaxxed and seek outside labs for regular testing must get league approval, but their testing will otherwise be overseen by their teams — the kind of state governance amalgamation favored by players. A source in the league says NBA regulators are willing to guard against falsified vaccine cards by swiping state databases for evidence, but only if brought to their attention,” the report said.

Some black activists have cited medical racism as one reason black people should not get vaccinated.

On Monday, a prominent Black Lives Matter organizer in New York City promised a “revolt” over “racist “vaccine mandates” as restaurants, movie theaters and gyms are now required to request a vaccination certificate for entry.

“So what’s going to stop the Gestapo, I mean the NYPD, from rounding up black people, getting them off the train or the bus? … The vaccination passport is not a free passport to racism,” Chivona Newsome, co-founder of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York.

She made the statement outside Carmine’s, a Manhattan restaurant where three black women were arrested for assaulting an Asian hostess after members of their group were denied entry for lack of proof of vaccination.

James has made more than $1 billion in his 18-year career, but taxes, expenses and investments put his net worth at about $850 million, according to Forbes.