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LeBron James and Kevin Durant have not faced each other since 2018


Lebron James and Kevin Durant they’re two of the greatest basketball players of all time… and we haven’t seen them play each other since 2018.

Shocking, but true! Since James joined the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2018-19 season, he’s faced Durant exactly once: a 127-101 Lakers win over the Golden State Warriors on Christmas Day 2018. James hit a double -double in that game. scoring 17 and grabbing 13 rebounds, while Durant added a line of 21 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists.

Since then, due to injuries and other considerations, James and Durant simply haven’t been able to be on the same court at the same time, whether the Lakers played the Warriors or the Brooklyn Nets. In total, there have been 11 games in which they could have met but didn’t, according to research by ESPN Stats & Information.

It will be 12 pm on Wednesday when the Phoenix Suns face the Lakers in Los Angeles. James is out with a foot injury, while Durant’s ankle issues have sidelined him. They have one more game against each other this year: April 7, the penultimate game of the season for both teams. Here’s hoping you’re both healthy and active when the time comes.

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