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Learn more about Ravenlok from indie developer Cococucumber | -WhatsNew2Day


There are eerily quiet moments of contemplation in Cococucumber’s latest game In the Voxel Trilogy series; and places where the heroine, Ravenlok, can gaze serenely at the colorful landscapes spread out before her in all their voxel-themed beauty. It’s an apt metaphor for the game and the people who make it.

Ravenlok at times feels as introspective and contemplative as the character it’s named after. This action-adventure RPG is all about escaping into a fantasy world to solve seemingly impossible real-world problems. When players find themselves on the other side of the mirror, they must figure out how to reach and defeat Queen Dreda, who has brought ruin to the land of Dunia and her eclectic inhabitants.

You’ll have loads of adventures in colorful places like the Mushroom Forest, Labyrinth and Clock Tower as you solve puzzles and complete quests on your journey to the final showdown. Walking mushrooms, malicious playing cards, and sci-fi game mechanics will often be fought with sword and shield, with a little help from some magic. In the end, the game offers loads of colorful entertainment driven by a touching storyline.

Through the progression of the game it is also emphasized that it is about the game artists and their development as the equally talented studio that created the trilogy of games: Riverbond, Echo Generation and now Ravenlok.

The technical skill with which the team developed the elements of voxel beauty is such that it needs no introduction. The poignant idea of ​​the game’s soundtrack. The narrative finale that brings all together to celebrate and warm farewells as they look back on all they’ve made of. These elements are all incorporated throughout the heroine’s short journey in the game, which at its best evokes Zelda-like missions and battles.

Ravenlok is the fitting Cococucumber finale to the Voxel Trilogy, and looks like a promise of more great adventures to come. Quoted by journalist Brian Crecente.

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