Learn Everything About Tenzo Tea Macha

Learn Everything About Tenzo Tea Macha

There is nothing quite like a delicious cup of tea, and when you add macha to the mix the result is exceptional. Macha is a unique type of Japanese green tea, which has been adored by locals and non-locals for centuries. 

Here is a quick guide to help you understand exactly what macha is, focusing on its history, benefits of consumption, as well as explore the different ways Tenzo tea macha can be made. Are you excited? Let’s go check it out!  

What is Macha? 

Macha (also spelled ‘Matcha’ or ‘Maccha’) is a kind of green tea that originated in Japan. It is interesting to note that the Tenzo tea Macha is made using finely ground up leaves taken from the Camellia Sinensis plant. The best quality macha tea would be made from the most nutrient-rich leaves of the plant, which are the young ones. 

The History of Macha

Macha has a history that goes for hundreds of years into the past. It often comes as a surprise for people to find that it was originally found in China, but was brought to Japan by a Buddhist monk where its use and popularity grew exponentially. The word ‘Macha’ is made from the Japanese words ‘ma’ which means ‘ground up’ and ‘cha’ which refers to ‘tea’.  

Macha eventually became an integral part of the Japanese tea-drinking ceremony, symbolizing happiness, harmony, as well as a sense of inner peace. Legend goes that Japanese Buddhist samurai warriors used to drink macha tea during these tea ceremonies to increase their focus and help treat them for battle! 

Macha Production

Macha is available in the form of a green colored powder that comes into existence due to a lengthy four-step process. 

  1. Growth of the Plants: macha plants are known to grow in the shade paritucally right before the time of harvesting. The distinct green color of the powder is due to the high levels of chlorophyll within the leaves. 
  2. Picked by hand: only the young leaves of the plant are carefully handpicked at the start of spring.
  3. Steaming and Drying: immediately after picking the macha leaves are steamed to increase the oxidation and then dried. 
  4. Grinding: dried macha is then ground using stone as to prevent them from heating up and losing their flavor.  

Benefits of Macha tea 

There are many scientifically proven facts that have proven how good macha tea is good for the health. 

  • Full of Antioxidants: macha tea is rich in Catechins, a natural polyphenol, which prevents cell damage from oxidants, thus significantly reducing your risk for cancer. 
  • Good for the Skin: macha is excellent for the skin, helping prevent the effects of aging such as wrinkles, face sagging, puffiness, as well as sun damage. 
  • Energy Boost: Tenzo tea macha is great for spiking up energy levels as it has a more concentrated level of caffeine within a single teaspoon.
  • Effective For Losing Weight: the increased energy levels also increase the body’s metabolism, thus being a good way to help you lose weight.  

How to Make Macha Tea

There are many ways of making macha tea, depending on your preferences. While some prefer macha tea hot, others prefer the cold form. Moreover, some people prefer water-based macha tea, while others use milk. 


Tenzo tea macha can be seen to be taking the tea-drinking world by storm. The numerous, wide-ranging health benefits of macha green tea is one of the main reasons that is has been taken up by health-conscious people, going as far as to be recommended by health practitioners. Moreover, the fact that this tea can be made in several different ways allows it to be adored by a larger number of people!