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Learn about the evaluation of Capcom’s latest games, unrivaled creativity.. | -WhatsNew2Day


Capcom has proven in recent years that it is among the best third-party companies in developing and publishing games, while the role of the Japanese developer in the video game industry has been proven. Almost every year, it plans to release a hit title with high ratings. And recently I had a very successful launch of Street Fighter 6.

Today, reviews of the latest Capcom game Street Fighter 6 appeared from most sites, achieving an average rating of more than 90 out of 100. The game provided beautiful content and represented the true beginning of fighting games in the current generation, and you can follow our review of the game here.

After the aforementioned game reviews appeared, various spreads The euphoric news for Capcom. Where it was noted that the last 5 titles from the company in recent years had no less than 85 ratings. The first is Monster Hunter and the last is Street Fighter 6. These titles included other games such as Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4 in remake versions, as well as Resident Evil Village.

Reviews of the latest Capcom games

  • Monster Hunter Rise: 87
  • Resident Evil 4: 93
  • Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection: 78
  • Street Fighter 6: 92

The company will not stop there, as a reliable source said that there are many plans that the company intends to adopt to stay at the same level. Including the revival of the Dead Rising series with remake versions.

According to prominent broadcaster and insider Jez Corden, responding to a follower who asked about Dead Rising on Twitter, “If you’re a fan of the Dead Rising series, there might be something on the horizon for you, too.”

After that, the journalist claimed that he has private sources confirming that the series will return, and that Capcom has already started working on developing the game in the form of a reboot or a remake, but he does not have much information about the date of the announcement or release.

Also, the company still has many classic titles that many await its return, most notably the wonderful Dino Crisis series, which the audience hopes will return in the same way that Capcom brought back the Resident Evil series.

We will wait for the coming months, which will reveal to us more about the bright plans of the company. What are the achievements of its titles, especially during the last five years?

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