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Leaked video reveals the new Outlook “Spaces” feature from Microsoft

Microsoft is working on a new organizational function for Outlook, called Spaces. Twitter user WalkingCat revealed the new tool in a leaked video during the weekend, and Outlook Spaces looks like it is designed to allow users to merge emails, notes, files, documents, calendar appointments and to-do lists into online spaces. It seems that it will be useful for students or companies planning projects.

Microsoft has not yet officially unveiled Outlook Spaces, but some have gained access to the new service on the site of the company. Spaces looks like an early example of Microsoft’s Fluid Framework for Office. Fluid takes over the idea of ​​documents and turns them into a cloud app to which several people can contribute with graphs, tables, text and more. It is not clear whether Outlook Spaces is already running on Fluid, but it certainly looks like an ideal candidate.

Microsoft describes Outlook Spaces as a web app that “brings together your documents, emails, and events using the search terms you provide here.” The company also teases that “in future releases we will use AI to help discover and group work items in Spaces.” We have contacted Microsoft for more information about Outlook Spaces, but you can already view the company’s plans in the promotional video above.