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Leaked video of the next character in Tekken 8 angers the game director.. | -WhatsNew2Day

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Unexpectedly, the reveal of the character “Brian Fury”, who displays his fighting method in Tekken 8, was leaked, angering the game’s director, Katsuhiro Harada. The video began with the posting of the video via the account of the publishing company Bandai Namco and then it was immediately deleted, but not before it was pulled and posted on the Internet.

There were expectations that Bryan Fury would be revealed in Tekken 8, during the closing moments of the Combo Break 2023 tournament. Some key information in the game that players have been asking for for a while was also supposed to be revealed.

Below we watch video It’s two minutes long, based on the gameplay of the aforementioned character and one of the veteran characters in the series. Notice how his fighting moves are better than before, thanks to the Unreal Engine 5 used in the development of the game.

Game director Katsuhiro Harada, through his Twitter account, expressed his anger at the premature posting of the video, saying:

“Damn you, Bandai Namco Euro. That’s why I warned you years in advance about posting with temp scheduling. Well, I’m going home now, thanks! Ha ha ha.

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It seems that Harada was preparing to brag about the return of a distinguished character like Brian Fury to the world of Tekken, but Bandai Namco Europe spoiled him enjoying this moment.

Also, Tekken 8 game producer Michael Murray tweeted at the same time via his Twitter account, where he apologized to the fans for this leak, and said.

“I apologize to the fans who saw this particular thing not the way Harada and I wanted it to happen..”

Tekken 8 is still a bit far away, with publisher Bandai Namco looking to release the game before April 2024. But until the game’s launch, series producer Katsuhiro Harada confirmed cross-play and a lot of information, and has already indicated a beta period at some point. Meanwhile, the in-game fighter selection screen appears to have been revealed.

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