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Leaked price of the Asus ROG Ally mobile device, according to specifications.. | -WhatsNew2Day


A few days ago, leaks emerged about the price of the Asus ROG Ally portable device, a competitor to the Steam Deck, as the device will be priced at $700 with higher specifications.

This version of the mobile device will have the high-capacity AMD Z1 Extreme processor, in addition to a 512GB SSD storage space.

Today, it was followed by new leaks that talk about the price of the same device, but with lower specifications. Where the price of this version will be $ 600, and it will have an AMD Z1 processor with 256 GB of SSD storage.

The source of these leaks is the media activist SnoopyTech Which initially revealed the most expensive version, then the lowest price version and specifications.

If these leaks are correct, then this means that both versions of the Asus ROG Ally will be close to the price of the Valve laptop. Where the price of the Steam Deck capacity of 256 GB is $ 530, and the cost of a copy of 512 GB is $ 650. But Valve also has a third version of the $399 Steam Deck that comes with 64GB of eMMC storage.

Since this information comes from unofficial sources, there may also be a third version of the Asus ROG Ally device that comes at a lower price that has not yet appeared. Especially since Asus wants to compete with Valve in the field of Windows mobile gaming devices.

General specifications of the Asus ROG Ally

Asus confirmed to tester Dave2D that the Asus ROG Ally has twice the performance of a Steam Deck laptop, which definitely means it will be more powerful than a Nintendo Switch portable processor. ROG Ally has a built-in 4nm AMD Zen 4 RDNA 3 chip, which is known to have high-performance computing power.

This will allow you to play games on higher graphic settings without sacrificing gaming performance, so it seems that the device will offer players a smooth experience with the performance of most video games. The device also has the feature of running quietly and can get much cooler when operating in 15W mode.

The distinctive thing about the performance of the device is that the device has two cooling fans of its own, as it comes with a noise rate of 20DB, in contrast to the relatively loud sound of the Steam Deck device, which comes with a noise rate of 37DB. This is very suitable for a portable console and will definitely help the battery.

screen and frequency

The device will come with an excellent resolution for its size, that is, Full HD pixels, 7 inches, with a peak brightness of 500 cd / square meter, and a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which is twice the Steam Deck refresh rate. This will give it more smoothness and excellent response in gaming performance, especially shooting games. As for the dimensions of the screen, it will come with a display of 16: 9.

Asus ROG Ally

the battery

There are no exact details about the battery life, and this is due to the variation in the games that the testers tried on the device, but according to what the company mentioned Asus, the battery will be very competitive, which was also confirmed by the tester Dave2D. As it was mentioned that the battery performance is very similar to the battery life of the Steam Deck, which ranges from 90 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the type of game, in addition to that it comes with a strongly wired charger. 65 watts.

Asus ROG Ally OS

The device has Microsoft Windows 11 operating system with a very smooth and elegant custom interface, which of course makes it compatible with all the current and previous games developed for the Windows platform operating system. Including games available on Steam, Epic Games Store, and Xbox Game Pass.

This is of course a very important trump card that the Asus ROG Ally has when it competes with Valve’s Steam Deck, as the latter has worked on issuing a custom Linux operating system that is not compatible with all games.

Asus ROG Ally

XG Mobile piece to support the device with an external graphics card

Gamers will be able to add and play an XG Mobile piece that uses an external GPU that can go as far as adding an RTX 4090 card, which is used to greatly improve performance on the ROG Ally platform through just one USB-C port.

Leaked price of the Asus ROG Ally mobile device according.webp

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