Leaked images from a Huawei P40 smartphone reveal device has SEVEN cameras

The new P40 smartphone from Huawei is made of ceramics and glass and has SEVEN cameras, reveals leaks

  • The device has five rear cameras and two facing forward
  • At the rear, the sensors are housed in a large camera surge, revealing leaks
  • Huawei’s P40 doesn’t have a release date yet, but may be revealed soon

A coming phone from the Chinese tech giant, Huawei can be equipped with no less than seven cameras according to new leaks.

According to frequent leaker from smart phone intel, Evan Blass, Huawei’s next flagship will take some clues from competitors such as Samsung and go all-in on a rear-facing camera series with five optical sensors.

The array, which is located in a large camera burst at the back of the phone, has a large number of different sensors, all with different options, including a telephoto lens and an ultra-wide lens.

Huawei P40 flagship phone can be delivered with seven cameras in total according to new itel of frequent smart phone leaker, Evan Blass

Huawei P40 flagship phone can be delivered with seven cameras in total according to new itel of frequent smart phone leaker, Evan Blass

According to The Verge, the specifications of the camera arrays must be equal to a 13x optical zoom, partly aided by software.

The last two cameras of the phone are located on the front of the device. Renderings show them as two hole camera-like selfie cameras centered at the top.

Apart from a recess where the two sensors are housed, the screen is essentially one borderless screen.

There are buttons to adjust the volume on the side and to turn the device on and off and no physical headphone hack. It also seems that the phone uses USB-C to charge.

Blass also says that the device will use ceramics in the P40, although it is not immediately clear what the proportions of glass to ceramics will be.

The official release date is also absent from the leaks. Previous releases of his flagship phones happened around this time last year if that’s something to arrive.

‘On the photo from the back, the first thing that strikes us is the camera setting. We can see a total of 4 cameras, a flash and what looks like a microphone hole, “wrote Max Weinbach who released images from the Samsung Galaxy S20

The leaks follow a lot of information about an upcoming Samsung flagship that is called the Galaxy S20.

According to XDA developers, the upcoming Galaxy S20 Plus – the larger version of Samsung’s flagship telephones, scheduled to be released in February – will definitely have a high-end 120 HZ screen that was previously only claimed.

The 120 HZ screen offers a high refresh rate, but only works with the phone’s standard resolution as opposed to the WQHD – short for quad high – setting that clock at 1440p as opposed to 1080p.