Leaked Google Pixel 4 XL photos & # 39; s show off the giant top ring

The seemingly endless stream of Pixel 4 leaks continues our best look so far with hands-on photos of the larger Pixel 4 XL, thanks to a message from the Reddit user u / gooGof.

The design seems to be almost identical to that of the smaller Pixel 4, which is shown in a number of leaks and an official teaser from Google. That said, the giant square camera array looks a little better on the larger phone because of the larger scale.

Photo: u / gooGof / reddit

The photos show both the black and color options for the Pixel 4 XL. The white version in particular has a black frame on the side and front of the phone for an interesting two-tone effect, along with an orange on / off button. The black model is completely black, although there is a white on / off button that offers a bit of contrast.

Also noticeable is the oversized top edge, presumably so that Google fits into the "Motion Sense" radar sensors powered by Project Soli. It is definitely a different approach than almost any other flagship of 2019, which has a notch, a perforator camera or has simply completely eliminated all bezels. Frankly, it doesn't look great, but hopefully the improvements on the front of the camera and sensor will justify the design.


Thanks to Verge reader Chris for the tip!