Law & Order: SVU showrunner David Graziano is accused of mistreating women on set

Law & Order: SVU showrunner David Graziano has been accused of mistreating women and creating a ‘super toxic’ workplace on his sets. 

Graziano, who took the helm of showrunner over the summer, oversaw the record-breaking 24th season premiere in September, however, trouble brewed behind the screen when script coordinator Haley Cameron suddenly left. 

Cameron issued a warning to those who wanted to succeed her when a listing was posted on listerv for her replacement. This is a widely circulated list among script coordinators who work closely with show writers. Los Angeles Times reported. 

She wrote, “The new showrunner David Graziano is an unprofessional, egocentric, and immature men.” “I have been in this business for a while and I have never seen such pure, white-male misogyny.”

‘I urge you — especially women — to think twice before putting yourself in a position that could end as badly as mine did.’ 

Others who worked with Graziano on set also criticised him, claiming he was toxic and prone to picking on women. 

David Graziano (above), the new Law & Order: SVU showrunner, was accused of mistreating women and creating toxic workplace environments 

After Arriving Over The Summer To Helm The Show'S Successful 24Th Season, Graziano (Left) Quickly Lost One Of His New Script Coordinators, Haley Cameron, One Of His Accusers

After arriving over the summer to helm the show’s successful 24th season, Graziano (left) quickly lost one of his new script coordinators, Haley Cameron, one of his accusers  

Haley Cameron

Amy Hartman

Cameron (left) described Graziano as an ‘unprofessional and ego-centric man,’ warning women to not take her old job. Amy Hartman (right), a fellow script coordinator, was among those who accused Graziano of creating hostile workplace environments.  

Amy Hartman was a script manager under Graziano and shared her own experiences while working on set in the 2021 drama Coyote. 

She wrote that GRAZ is toxic and she has never run so fast from a job in her life as when SC’ed for him. ‘Stay away.’ 

She told the Times that Graziano’s problems on set were well known, and she was shocked to learn that he became the showrunner for Law & Order: SVU, a series that centers on violence and abuse of power with predominantly female victims. 

Hartman stated, “I was completely shocked that he was working again”  

Alafair Hall, a spokesperson of Graziano, denied the claims and claimed that Cameron was fired because Graziano was concerned that Cameron was ‘unprofessional’ and that Cameron had made unapproved changes in the show’s script during her one-month stint at Law and Order: SVU. 

Hall stated that the implication that Mr. Graziano created hostile work environments or is sexist and inappropriate is false. asked for comment from representatives of NBCUniversal, the company that runs Law and Order. 

Many Who Worked With Graziano Were Shocked To Learn That He Became The Showrunner For Law And Order Svu, A Series That Centers On Violence And Abuse Of Power With Predominantly Female Victims. The Show Stars Mariska Hargitay (Left)

Many who worked alongside Graziano were shocked to hear that he was now the showrunner for Law and Order SVU. The series centers on violence and abuse of authority with predominantly female victims. The show stars Mariska Hargitay (left)

Graziano Was Accused Of Berating His Staff On Sony'S Drama Series Coyote (Above). One Script Coordinator On The Show Claimed Graziano Would Make Someone Cry Every Day

Graziano was accused (above) of berating his staff at Sony’s drama-series Coyote. One script coordinator for the show claimed that Graziano would make someone weep every day.  

Graziano was not just the target of women’s protests. David James, a fellow Coyote script coordinator, described working with Graziano to be pure’misery. 

According to him, “Coyote was probably the worst job I had in Hollywood,” he said to the Times. “I thought that no one would give this show after it.” [Graziano] Another show to run. 

James accused Graziano for berating staffers and claiming that people were left clinging to their experiences with the showrunner ‘daily.

Paloma lamb, who was a writers’ assistant on the show said that Graziano “always commented on women’s appearances.” 

Lamb accused Graziano, of overworking, giving her odd jobs, and handling personal chores. Lamb said that she had to take it all in stride to maintain her career. 

“I wanted a career as a writer, and I was like, OK. He’s not sexually attacking me.” She told the Times that this was probably a good thing. 

Graziano Has Denied All Allegations. His Spokesperson Said The Showrunner 'Regrets Lashing Out' Against His Crew On Coyote, But Said His Client Was Never Sexist Or Racist

Graziano has denied any allegations. His spokesperson stated that while Graziano’regrets lashing back’ at his crew on Coyote but that his client was never sexist nor racist 

Others who requested anonymity claimed Graziano was quick and hurried to shut down ideas from women writers on Coyote. He also made inappropriate comments regarding women and people of colour.

Hartman and Lamb both noted instances in which Graziano allegedly yelled at the crew for seven minutes over not getting his lunch.

Graziano’s spokesperson said that the allegations made by Coyote staffers were false and that his client was suffering a lot of physical pain during the production. This caused him to become angry at the staff. 

‘Mr. Hall stated that Graziano was a snapper and generally in a bad mood. Hall said that Graziano does not see his pain as an excuse but it is an explanation. He regrets his rage.

Hall said that Sony launched an inquiry into Graziano’s claims on the set of Coyote and cleared the actor of ‘any wrongdoing’. NBCUniversal also cleared Hall of the Law and Order complaints.   

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