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Lava doesn’t fit Counter-Strike? Valve sees it differently – WhatsNew2Day


The floor is lava in CS:GO! With the new update even a little more than already.

Most people think of Bowser’s Fortress from Super Mario when they think of lava levels in games, but Counter-Strike: Global Offensive probably doesn’t spring to mind. Well, now that could (at least slightly) change! Things are really heating up in CS:GO thanks to the last update.

What’s in the update?

For one, stand 19 new weapon skins for sale. In the Anubis Collection you can find everything between colourful, detailed and dirty.

With the update, some new skins make it to CS:GO.

With the update, some new skins make it to CS:GO.

Also gets the Map Ember a few changes donated. The most striking is the lava that is now rising during the match. Hiding nearby has now become even more dangerous.

In the clear Patch Notes a mysterious adjustment is also teased: Spring celebrations have come to an end in Ember Land. What exactly this means is still unclear.

You can find the map in the Danger Zone game mode. This was Valve’s response to the growing interest in Battle Royale games in 2018. 18 players compete until only one player or team is left. The game mode has never been able to arouse too much interest among players, but it does not seem to be neglected in updates.

New high in CS:GO

The shooter, which is more than 20 years old, is still popular – that much is clear. In recent months, however, the number of players has increased so significantly that the multiplayer title even set a new record.

Of course, the announcement of Counter-Strike 2 also helped, after all, the news was received very positively.

Will you take a closer look at the lava on Ember Land or are you not interested in playing Danger Zone at all? How do you feel about lava in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in general, totally inappropriate or refreshingly different? And what do you think of the new Anubis skin collection? Super chic or hardly worth mentioning? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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