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Laughing Expat Living in the US Finds instructions for Using a Popular Kitchen Appliance Too Basic.


An Australian man living in America is hysterical over a strange note left next to a kettle in the kitchen: ‘This is mind-boggling’

  • A man in the United States found detailed instructions on how to use a kettle
  • Americans usually use microwave ovens or stoves to boil water instead

An Australian expat living in North America was “blown away” after seeing detailed instructions on how to use a popular kitchen appliance.

The man, originally from Melbourne, moved to the US nearly three years ago and was recently shocked to find detailed instructions on how to use an electric kettle while in a communal space.

The instructions included straightforward steps such as “refill the kettle with tap water” for “press (switch) to heat the water” and “pour”.

Electric kettles are uncommon in North America because of their low voltage (110v) power plugs which take twice as long to heat water than Australian boilers – which use 220v.

Many Americans use microwave ovens or stovetops to heat water for tea and coffee, with stovetop kettles as an alternative option.

An Australian expat living in North America was ‘blown away’ after seeing detailed instructions on how to use an electric kettle to heat water

The man posted a picture of the kettle along with its instructions.

It says in the title “How to use the kettle for hot tea”.

Step 1: Use the cup to refill the kettle with tap water. The sink is located to your right

Step 2: Press the black button for the water head

Step 3: Wait for the water to heat up

The fourth step: Pour

The kettle also features a special marking on the switch that reads “PUSH” to avoid any confusion.

A man has defended instructions for using a mug to fill a kettle after another questioned why no one could fill it straight from the tap.

They want you to boil only the amount of water you need to fill one cup. At 110v, it takes longer to boil than it (Australians) are used to, so reducing the amount of water means a jug can really come in handy.

Hundreds of instructions have been ridiculed, with many wryly claiming that they are still not clear enough.

“Where are the bullets loaded?” asked a man.

‘pour how?’ directly on my face? Without further instructions, I may never know! “

Another jokingly responded, “I think you put the tea bag in your mouth and pour (boiling water) right into it.”

Why don’t Americans use boilers?

Electric kettles are the standard for boiling water in countries like the United Kingdom and Australia.

However, Americans mostly use microwave ovens or stovetop kettles to heat water.

Most residences and offices in the United States run on 100-127 volts of electricity, while Australia typically uses 220-240 volts.

America’s lower voltage means that electric boilers will take longer to heat the water and are therefore inefficient.

Some were concerned about having to provide instructions in the first place.

One said, “I’m more concerned that they have to give directions to the aquarium.” “It’s not like someone in their right mind would use toilet water.”

“I feel that if you need instructions on how to make tea, you shouldn’t be allowed near hot drinks.”

People have even shared similar silly references they encountered.

“My business has the instructions ‘don’t use a kettle to boil milk’, so obviously some people need help.”

Using a kettle to heat milk can cause the beverage to curdle and spoil.

“When I was in a hotel in New Zealand, their kettle had instructions not to cook food in it… what’s wrong with people.”

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