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Latest updates: Rishi Sunak slams Sue Gray’s non-cooperation in investigation


Referring to the 2010 Labor note telling the Conservative Party there was no money left, a note often referred to by the Tories, Sir Keir made a joke referring to the film Jaws.

He said: “Debt has doubled since 2010, growth has fallen, taxes have gone up, the economy has collapsed. They will need a bigger bill.”

Sir Keir then flipped the coronation saying “300 million will tune in. The world will see our country at its best, celebrate the start of a new chapter in our history, but it will also be a reminder of the loss of our departed queen.” , Elizabeth II, and another chance to remember all she gave our country through her dedicated service.

“So the Prime Minister will join me in honoring our late Queen and wishing the new King a long and happy reign?”

Mr Sunak replied: “As I said at the beginning, we are all very much looking forward to the coronation. It will be a very special moment in our country’s history and I know we will celebrate it together with the country.

“But before we go to the coronation weekend, we have an important day tomorrow and the choice for the country is clear.

“When they go to that poll, they see a party that stands for higher city taxes, higher crime, and a litany of broken promises. Meanwhile, we continue to deliver what we say with lower city taxes, less crime, and fewer potholes.” The choice is clear, vote conservative.”

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