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Latest Stage update tips on launch of free layers, YouTube streaming functions

Google Stages had a rough launch, with many missing features and unfulfilled promises. But the latest update of the Stadia app hints that some of those features will be available soon, including the long-awaited free layer, YouTube streaming, family game sharing and more, as seen through 9to5Google.

The most important is an indication that Google is preparing to launch its free Stadia Base service layer soon. 9to5GoogleThe report found strings in the app that allow registration without a paid Stages code, along with a free one-month trial period for Stages Pro memberships (which includes several free games along with other benefits).

The app also indicates that Google may limit the number of people that can sign up and play Stages at the same time, with warnings that “Sorry, Stages is full in your area” and “To offer the best game quality for everyone, we limit the number of accounts on Stages. We have reached that limit, but we are working hard to build extra space in the Stadia cloud so that more people can enjoy the same high-quality gaming performance. Come back later for the availability of new players. “

Another new feature referred to in the app is the long-promised ability to stream games directly from Stages to YouTube, something that Google has presented since the first announcement as an important feature for Stages. New strings of buttons and menus related to starting, managing and stopping YouTube live streams have been spotted in the latest app, meaning the feature can be rolled out soon.

Since live streaming games on a traditional console or PC still require a fair amount of knowledge and hardware, pressing a button in the Stages app can be a great feature for Google’s service.

Unfortunately, the hinted-at functions are exactly that for now: hints. There is no indication when customers will be available to try it for themselves. Yet it is an encouraging sign that Google is working hard to make its first stages a reality, even if these features come later than fans might have hoped.