Las Vegas approves a $ 48.6 billion contract with the drilling company of Elon Musk

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority held a vote today, approving a $ 48.6 million contract with the Boring Company, the Elon Musk tunnel company. The underground "people mover" of The Boring Company, the LVCC loop, will consist of two tunnels for vehicles and three stations, as well as a pedestrian tunnel.

The project is expected to be completed on time to be used at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2021, LVCVA said in March. Then Musk went on Twitter and presented the project could run towards the end of the year. The public contract suggests that tests will start by November 2020. Regardless of the completion date, two thirds of the money in the contract is only paid after the project has been completed.

Of the various projects that the company has undertaken, the Las Vegas tunnel seems to be the first to be completed. A $ 1 billion bid for a Chicago tunnel to the airport Hare hit a speed bump when Chicago chose a new mayor, Lori Lightfoot, who didn't seem to be very excited about the project. Have been there too public meetings about a proposed "Dugout Loop" in Los Angeles, a two-mile tunnel to Dodger Stadium last year. There is also a proposed tunnel from Washington D.C. to Baltimore, which is undergoing an environmental assessment.

So far, The Boring Company has completed a 1.14 mile tunnel in Hawthorne, California. Musk said at the time that the tunnel cost $ 10 million and took a year and a half. It is not yet clear what type of vehicle will be used in the Las Vegas tunnel, although the LVCVA president, Steve Hill, said in March that Model Xs, Model 3s or modified electric vehicles with a 16-person tram line are all under consideration to be .