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Large smartphone manufacturer relies on new device that surprises: A water gun! – WhatsNew2Day


“Anyone who is familiar with smartphones also has the expertise for water pistols,” Xiaomi must have thought (source: Xiaomi).

The Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi, which is mainly known to smartphone users, is currently expanding its product portfolio – to include water guns (as per a report on chip.de emerges, with reference to gizmochina.de). More precisely, it is a Pulse water gun that goes by the name of Mijia Pulse Watergun.

So: Ready to hit the paddling pool with a towel, sunscreen, and the next-gen water gun? Next summer will definitely come – and the crowdfunding campaign for the Mijia Pulse will run until April 26th.

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The following video, not even a minute long, stirs in the advertising drum for Xiaomi’s own water gun brand.

Splashy details on the Xiaomi water gun

Below are some of the most curious key data on the Mijia Pulse Watergun.

  • Three modes: Single shots, series shots, loaded shooting
  • Dynamic light effects: Blink depending on how fast the shooter has her finger on the trigger. The associated LEDs are attached to the side of the device.
  • Battery power: A 1,800 mAh lithium battery was installed in the water cannon
  • It is charged via: a standard USB Type-C port
  • Fast charging: The Pulse water cannon charges within 10 to 15 seconds – at least that’s what the manufacturer claims
  • (Firing) range: The spray gun should be able to shoot seven to nine meters
  • Maximum power: 25 depth charges are given for this (whether the depth charge unit is subject to a DIN standardization is not yet known. Attention: kidding)
  • The tactical display informs in real time: both about the current water and charge level and about the selected shooting mode

By the way: Even if you are outside of China, you can get wet with unconventional water pistols – because: The Spyra electric water pistol costs around 170 euros; in contrast to the Mijia Pulse Watergun, the Sypra bullet is also available for German customers.

Further key data: The Mijia Pulse Watergun has been available for pre-order since April 17 of this year – but initially only in China. The Mijia Pulse Watergun is priced at the equivalent of almost 100 euros.

Those who participate in the crowdfunding campaign will receive the extraordinary water pistol at a reduced price (equivalent to around 85 euros).

Are you a friend of high-priced high-tech water guns – or are conventional spray guns sufficient? Feel free to write us in the comments which water pistol you take with you in the indoor and outdoor pool.

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