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Lamborghini’s Revuelto Is the Outstanding Hybrid of 2023

by Elijah
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Lamborghini Reuelto at night

The interplay between electricity and combustion is so fluid that after a while you stop thinking of the car as a hybrid at all and settle for simply enjoying the visceral experience of the Revuelto – which, while hugely entertaining, is even more fun. more refined than any previous Lamborghini. And not just in the drivetrain. The suspension is also exceptionally judged, while the new eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox is a huge step forward.

During braking, the e-axle and rear e-motor contribute to the braking power, allowing the friction brakes to charge the battery more effectively. However, the transition from regeneration to actual braking is so good that I couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began. In any case, this is exemplary of the entire Revuelto: everything just works so well together.

The interior is also a win, the brand’s best yet. The layout of the steering wheel is logical and ergonomic. The fit and finish have thankfully been taken up a notch. There are more storage spaces and phone holders. The three-screen dashboard allows you to swipe certain data from the central display to the slim passenger display. And the seats are comfortable enough to, whisper it, daily use. Overall it’s very neat.

Track-bound Triumph

Photo: Lamborghini

The Revuelto changed my perception of Lamborghini. Behind the wheel, this car is not aggressive or brutal (despite its looks, which are). typically macho), and it’s not intimidating to drive either. It inspires confidence, even flatters you, and is extremely entertaining.

While it’s clear that this super hybrid will never be as emissions-friendly as the brand’s all-electric model of the future, it’s also clear that the majority of Revueltos – which start at $608,358 in the US, where deliveries will take place in early 2024, could find their natural home on the race track, waiting for wealthy owners to arrive for the occasional few days of spirited motoring fun. This means a lifetime mileage equivalent to a small percentage of what the average family ICE or hybrid contributes annually to fossil fuel emissions.

But this conceit is not the point. For car enthusiasts, this is further proof of what electric innovation can do to improve the ICE before the ban hits sales next decade. Maybe the Revuelto will convert a few more motorcycle enthusiasts to full EV before then? It should be.

Can a plug-in hybrid Lamborghini be a real Lamborghini? Yes. Yes it is possible. But it’s what the Revuelto promises for future Lamborghinis that’s far more exciting.

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