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La UE y EEUU concluyen sus primeras maniobras navales conjuntas


Forces of the United States and the European Union have concluded this Friday two days of joint naval maneuvers, the first in history, in accordance with what was agreed in December by both parties in the consultations held to address the security situation in the Indus region. -Peaceful.

The Spanish frigate ‘Reina Sofía’, linked to the Atalanta operation against maritime piracy off the Horn of Africa, and the Italian ship ‘Carlo Bergamini’, have participated in these exercises, while the United States has mobilized the destroyer ‘USS Hamilton’.

These maneuvers “are part of the common commitment to move towards practical maritime cooperation and support a free and open Indo-Pacific,” the European External Action Service emphasized in a statement.

The two parties have advocated continuing to work on this coordination for the sake of maritime security, “to support the freedom of navigation and other international legal uses” of the waters of that region, where Western powers try to counteract the influence of China.

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