Kylie Jenner dresses up devilishly bold while celebrating the Barbie themed party


Although it is unlikely that a 21st birthday outfit completely outweighs Kendall Jenner's iconic sequin dress, Kylie's pink ensemble was a close second.

Opting for all pink, Kylie put on a jacket-type top with a very low cut at the front, while showing her stomach and legs without remorse.

To finish the outfit, Kylie got as close to Barbie as possible and rocked a long blond wig and a pink look that matched her shoes.

For the first time in years, the newly titled & # 39; self-made billionaire & # 39; He brought his birthday without his iconic fillings, but opted for a subtle look of lips, most likely coated with the help of his collection of lip games.

The murderous look spread through Kylie's Instagram, along with a photo of the younger Jenner with her four sisters and her "momager". Kris.

Despite the epic catfight that was publicly posted on Twitter between Kourtney, Kim and Khloe earlier this week, the sisters set aside everything while celebrating their 21-year-old sister.

Following the true fashion of Kardashian, Kylie did not have one, but two sets of birthdays, and both were pink.

While the first was sequin-mania, the second was the one that really stole the show for its fans.


BIRTHDAY BASH: Kylie stunned by her Barbie themed party


NICE IN PINK: Kylie has centered her birthday on a pink theme this year

Twitter went crazy for its extravagant choices, with a user who wrote: "Kylie Jenner is exceeded every year for her birthday, MY GOD those sets are incredible."

While another added: "Kylie Jenner's birthday attire is everything and nothing else matters".

With fans talking all over the Internet, another user said, "Can we have a minute of silence for Kylie Jenner's birthday set? Say yes to pink!"

Kylie made it clear that she has been "saying yes to pink" with the release of her 21-year collection.


KARDASHIAN CLAN: Kylie's sisters fit in with the Barbie themed night

The launch photos have shown Kylie in pink all, along with a new palette with mainly pink tones.

As Kylie's first birthday as a mother, she shared a sincere smack of her and Stormi, subtitled the photo: "Bring my birthday tonight with my most special gift.

"What was life before you, Stormi, I love you my little angel."