A man who described himself as a ‘bogan’ has rejected the ‘un-Australian’ decision to ban him from any licensed location in his state after allegedly trying to fight a bouncer who didn’t like his country clothes .

Kyle Ferguson, 20, from Western Australia shared online the moment he found out he had been banned from every taproom and bottle shop in the state, garnering hundreds of thousands of views.

The now-deleted TikTok video features Ferguson saying, “Hey guys, I just got a message saying I’ve been banned from every alcohol establishment here in WA.”

The camera pans over the message prohibiting Ferguson from entering any type of pub, casino, bottle-o and bar in WA for 12 months.

“What the f***,” he says in the video.

The young rancher has since filed suit in court and is in the midst of a battle to overturn his ban.

Twenty-year-old rancher Kyle Ferguson (above) has been banned from any alcohol sales location in Australia’s largest state

Ferguson received a notice from the Western Australian Police Department ordering him to stay away from all licensed locations in the state (above)

The rancher appeared on the steps of Perth’s Central Law Courts on Friday to plead his case to local reporters.

“I think it’s a disgrace to Australian culture, especially to me, because I’m a country boy and a bogan and a lover of Bundaberg rum,” he said. Nine and seven

news reporters as he adjusts his brown hat.

‘I’m pissing a lot. We go out on the field, we shoot assholes, we do burnouts, you know, typical 20-year stuff.’

“My mom is disappointed in me, dad is disappointed, but I think it’s a little un-Australian, if I’m being honest,” said Kyle Ferguson, who shared some of his antics on the video-sharing app TikTok ( up here)

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‘My mother is disappointed in me, father is disappointed, but I think it’s a bit un-Australian, if I’m honest.’

He pointed to his belt buckle — gold and embossed with a jackaroo atop a bull — as he talked to the press.

When asked if he could go a whole year without drinking, Ferguson replied, “God no.”

Ferguson has been banned from all hotels, all small bars, all nightclubs, casinos, liquor stores, clubs and restaurants with licenses (pictured)

“I like the square bear (Bundaberg Rum), the old sugar cane champagne, a little too much to give that up.

“There are at least six other states I can go to drink.”

He was charged with not leaving premises and fighting in public after an alleged incident at Perth’s Paramount nightclub a month ago.

Ferguson claimed he was thrown out of line to enter the nightclub because of his country clothes.

“(The bouncer) said ‘Look mate, you can’t come in here just because you’re dressed like a fucking redneck,'” Ferguson claimed.

The bouncer then threw Ferguson’s wallet across the street and asked what he would do about it, he said.

He reportedly responded by attacking the bouncer.

“I threw the first punch.

“But my fist didn’t make contact with his face, so I missed completely.”

Cancellations are not uncommon in the state, with 143 such notices being handed over to Western Australians this year. 7News.