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Kyle and Jackie O’s prankster Pete tries to get the new NSW Premier Chris Minns to make a shoe


Awkward moment Chris Minns is forced to turn down a nasty ‘shoey’ moments after claiming the choice, as the notorious prankster who offered it to him is unmasked.

  • NSW Labor landslides the Coalition on Saturday
  • Prime Minister Elect Chris Minns offered a beer to make a ‘shoey’
  • The culprit was Kyle and Jackie O’s radio personality ‘Intern Pete’

A serial prankster has tried to convince NSW Labor leader Chris Minns to drink a beer out of a shoe after his victory speech.

Pete Deppeler, a producer on the Kyle and Jackie O show who also plays the character ‘Intern Pete,’ managed to get into Labor HQ for his election night party.

Deppeler made his way to the front of the packed crowd during the evening speech before kicking off one of his leather shoes.

Stretching across the stage as Mr. Minns finished his speech, he held out his shoe with a beer bottle balanced precariously on the heel.

The prime minister-elect completely ignored the request to perform Australia’s most disgusting ‘tradition’ and posed with his family for photos.

Announcers covering the event mistook Deppeler for an overly excited Labor supporter, but it was just another joke from the radio annoyance.

Deppeler earlier filmed an Instagram story of the party, as Labor supporters celebrated the arrival of the votes when it became clear they would win in a landslide.

Chris Minns has won the election. A lot of people are happy about it, John Howard is talking on TV, he’s not happy,’ he said, without pausing for breath.

“I’ve had a few drinks, it’s all business, don’t worry about it,” she continued before abruptly walking away from the camera.

Serial prankster Pete Deppeler has tried to convince NSW Labor leader Chris Minns to drink a beer out of a shoe after his victory speech.

Intern Pete’s character has a long history of awkward and ridiculous stunts, and this isn’t the first political victory speech he’s delivered.

When Anthony Albanese won another landslide victory for Labor on May 21, 2022, Deppeler once again pushed his way to the front of the crowd.

While the prime minister-elect was making his speech, Deppeler would frequently shout “we love you Albo” or something similar and at one point even introduced himself as part of the radio show.

Mr. Albanese finally had enough and after telling them no and to shut up several times, he lost his cool.

‘Can we have a little order please? I intend to run an orderly government and it starts here. So behave yourself! he said.

Another of the show’s producers, Pedro Vitola, explained on the air days later that Albanese was looking “directly at Pete” when he made the comment.

But the night didn’t stop there, with Pedro explaining that after Mr. Albanese left the stage they found a “secret door next to the restrooms that was open.”

So Pete and Pedro ventured into the backstage corridors only to be greeted by Australian Federal Police officers guarding the Prime Minister-elect.

“It’s Kyle and Jackie O’s Peter,” he told AFP officials, again placing the hosts on him.

“Out now before I arrest you,” the officer told the couple, who quickly turned away.

Deppeler briefly became “Australia’s most hated man” in 2018 with a joke question at then-Australian cricket captain Steve Smith’s press conference on ball handling.

Smith broke down in tears when he admitted he was unable to prevent two of his players, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft, from illegally tampering with the ball during a tour of South Africa.

Deppeler decided the time was right to compare her situation to the events of the reality show Married at First Sight.

“Dude, I have to tell you…hold your head up for what you’ve done because what’s actually been worse is what Davina and Dean did on Married at First Sight,” he said.

He was kicked out of the room and sent hundreds of death threats, and worse, online, in what he called the worst experience of his life.

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