KSI’s New Boxing Promotion Misfits Announces First-Ever WWE-Style TAG-TEAM Boxing Match

‘Boxing purists won’t like this one’: KSI’s new boxing promotion Misfits announces first-ever WWE-style TAG-TEAM boxing match, with social media stars set to pitch the idea next month

  • KSI’s Misfits have announced the first-ever WWE-style tag team boxing match
  • The 2v2 match will make its debut at their upcoming show in Telford next month
  • Luis Pineda and BDave take on Kyle ‘Stromedy’ Godfrey and Austin Sprinz

KSI’s new boxing promotion Misfits has announced the first-ever WWE-style tag-team boxing match, as the YouTuber continues to shine a spotlight on celebrity fights.

The upcoming Misfits show in Telford next month, the fifth hosted by the YouTuber since launching a new boxing promotion, will be headlined by Jay Swinger and Nichlmao.

But there’s a huge twist to KSI’s fifth show, which promises a “double trouble” — a “tag team” boxing match between two teams of social media stars, including Luis Pineda, the YouTube sensation’s former boxing rival.

The Mexican, who was comically eliminated by KSI last summer, will join BDave to take on Canadian comedian Kyle ‘Stromedy’ Godfrey and Austin Sprinz, the ‘Fantastic 2’, who share millions of followers on social media in a 2v2 on the under-card at the Telford International Center on March 4.

The Misfits co-president Mams Taylor confirmed the announcement in an interview on his official YouTube channel.

KSI’s boxing promotion Misfits announced the first-ever WWE-style tag team boxing match

Misfits' Upcoming Show In Telford Next Month Will Feature A 'Tag Team' Boxing Match Between Two Teams Of Social Media Stars

Misfits’ upcoming show in Telford next month will feature a ‘tag team’ boxing match between two teams of social media stars

“People will hate it, people will love it, some will understand it, some won’t,” promoter Mams Taylor told the YouTube channel of promotion.

“But at the end of the day, it’s about Misfits. We have serious competition there, we have fun, we have antics, we have sports entertainment and that’s what we’re all about.

“So get used to it, love it, quit it, whatever you want.” But we’re here to stay and make some noise in an area that’s never been done before. Real martial arts, with real entertainment on a different level.’

In a short statement on Twitter, KSI shared the announcement with a series of laughing emojis and said, “Boxing purists won’t like this one.”

The tag team fight takes place according to standard boxing rules for fighters in the ring, with 16oz gloves used to make the fight safer.

Although the exact rules for engaging and disabling opponents during combat have yet to be determined.

Bdave (Left) And Luis Pineda (Right) Will Join In The 2V2 Fight After Colliding Earlier This Year

BDave (left) and Luis Pineda (right) will join in the 2v2 fight after colliding earlier this year

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“It’s a little bit safer for everyone,” Taylor added. “If people are concerned ‘what about safety?’ The rules ensure that safety measures are taken.

“Look, this is boxing, this isn’t pottery class, this isn’t golf, this isn’t darts. If you get into that ring, it’s not safe.

‘You can make it safer by doing certain things and we are already doing that through strict testing.

“The medicals, everything else we have, is more thorough than traditional professional boxing. So we take all measures, but we still want to make sure we entertain and that’s what matters to us.’


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