Know Everything About Lip Fillers Before Getting a Treatment

Do you have thin and attractive lips and are looking for something to make them plump? Sometimes, a minor flaw can also ruin the entire grace of a beautiful face. If you think unattractive lips are the coming reason for your ordinary look, give them a proper shape. We are not talking about going through expensive and risky full lip surgeries. Even many international celebrities have gone through adverse impacts after surgeries. Instead of taking that hard way, you can go with the option of lip fillers. For the best lip fillers in London, one can approach any certified cosmetologist, a dermatologist for a skin treatment clinic. Let’s understand in detail lip fillers and their significance in the beauty industry. 

What are the lip fillers? 

In order to attain adequate contour to the lips, a special kind of fluid is injected. BOTOX aka Botulinum toxin, a kind of toxic compound that is filled in the skin with the help of an injection. You must be wondering how a poisonous substance can help in lips augmentation & why people are taking such a huge risk? Well, the type of BOTOX used in lip fillers is not dangerous until someone is using it carelessly. Cosmetologists use botulinum toxin type A as a lip filler. If we talk about the toxicity, Botulinum toxin type H is the deadliest known poison. The scariest part is, there is not any antidot discovered yet. 

Don’t worry about the toxicity because BOTOX type A is approved as a safe filler for skin treatment clinics. Do you want to know how the clinics with the best lip fillers in London can help? Let’s understand in detail. 

How does BOTOX Type-A work

After all, it is a kind of toxin no matter whether the quality is of lowest grade. Still, has the potential to temporarily weaken or paralyze your muscles. Once the fluid is injected, it relaxes the muscles for more than three months. Cosmetologists use this injection for various purposes such as:-

  • Elevate mouth corners
  • Creases minimization
  • Gummy smile correction
  • Upper lip enhancement 

It hardly takes a few minutes for the completion of the entire process. This technique temporarily enhances plumpness in your lips that return back to normal within a few weeks. 

What to expect after the treatment?

Once you go through the treatment procedure, it adds enough volume to smooth out the wrinkling lines. You will notice a surprising enlargement and plumping effect. Lip fillers naturally are subtle and involve less risk than other types of treatments. Once filling the session can serve the purpose for about six months. However, the time period may vary on the basis of age and skin type. 

While having a lip filler injection, also be aware of possible side effects. If the filler type is of inferior quality or the skin treatment provider is not a proficient person, risk factors like prolonged numbness, breathing problem, difficulty in speaking and swallowing. In these circumstances, approach the skin treatment clinic as soon as possible.