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Knicks’ top priorities for 2024 NBA offseason, including trading for another star

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May 14, 2024; New York, New York, United States; New York Knicks center Isaiah Hartenstein (55) rebounds against Indiana Pacers forward Obi Toppin (1) during the second half of game five of the second round of the 2024 NBA playoffs at the Madison Square Garden.

While this Knicks The season did not end as expected, it was successful in all aspects, setting the stage for a pivotal offseason that could prepare New York to compete for a championship during the 2024-25 season.

Here are three priorities the front office must address this summer…

Lock core

New York has a handful of contracts expiring this summer. OG Anunobi He is likely to decline his player option for next season in order to sign a long-term contract, and Isaiah Hartenstein enters unrestricted free agency thanks to a team-friendly deal.

Retaining both starters will be a key goal for the Knicks after their breakout seasons. They wouldn’t have traded for Anunoby without anticipating reaching an agreement on a new deal, so expect it to close quickly, probably around $120 million over four years.

Hartenstein is the biggest question mark, not because the Knicks don’t want him, but because they might not be able to afford him. They don’t have all of his bird rights and can only re-sign him with a minor raise, while other teams can throw him over $20 million per year.

It will be up to Hartenstein to weigh the value of more money against the NBA home he apparently found in New York. One way the Knicks could alleviate this problem is by signing him to a one-year deal and assuring him that a longer extension would follow.

Jalen Brunson He’ll be eligible for an extension in mid-July, and while he won’t be a free agent for years, locking him up early won’t hurt. The Knicks originally signed him to a ridiculously team-friendly deal, and would likely end up taking a discount on his MVP-caliber production in an early extension.

Julio Randle is another centerpiece eligible for an extension. Unfortunately, the Knicks couldn’t see him down the stretch this season. But with multiple All-NBA campaigns in blue and orange and an incredibly healthy January, they could look to secure his future in New York as well.

Unless, of course, they decide to use it for…

Trade for a top 20 player

Championship windows are smaller and more fleeting than ever. At some point, there are diminishing returns to accumulating draft assets and reliable players. And as good as these Knicks are, trading their chips for the right star could catapult them to certified title contender status.

In theory, they could do it with or without Randle involved, but his salary is great to match, and the combination between him and a new star could be shaky if it’s not the right one.

Prudent or not, this Knicks front office has operated at least partially toward this goal from the beginning, so expect them to target guys like David Mitchell, David Booker, paul george, Joel Embiidand Giannis Antetokounmpo vigorously.

There are also alternatives.

January 23, 2024; Brooklyn, New York, United States; Brooklyn Nets forward Mikal Bridges (1) and New York Knicks forward OG Anunoby (8) talk during the first quarter at Barclays Center.

Mikal Bridges is not of that caliber and may be inaccessible to rivals across the river, but New York may be willing to pay a premium to fill out Villanova’s alumni network and secure high-level talent that won’t disrupt the status quo. .

If neither of these guys are available, the Knicks should still look to upgrade their roster with their plethora of picks. packaging Bojan Bogdanovic and the selections could generate a type of impact like Kyle Kuzma either Bruce BrownThey are not stars but would be a great boost to the rotation.

Deepen the rotation/utilize the NBA Draft

A big reason, maybe he The reason: These Knicks are where they are because of their draft. Despite only being in the top three once and the lottery twice, they managed to find several legitimate NBA players, most of whom traded over the last few years to build the roster.

After not recruiting anyone in the last two years, New York should look to bring in a new generation of prospects, in hopes of finding the next Emmanuel Quickley either Miles McBride.

Even if they don’t get there, filling the end of the bench with more talent could help avoid a repeat of this postseason, while also setting them up for friendly contracts for the future.

Besides the draft, New York has other means to bolster its depth. Alec Burke and Beautiful Achiuwa They are free agents, and if they are willing to return without a guaranteed rotation spot, the Knicks should rush to acquire them.

They will have some type of mid-level exception that they can use to get another body in free agency. Gary Harris, Royce O’Neale, Taurus Princeand Derrick Jones Jr. They are names worth exploring.

New York can also make a call abroad to bring Rokas Jokubaitisyour draft and reserve point guard starting in 2021. He has developed well and could add depth to your backcourt if he joins the league.

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